Every relationship starts with excitement, lots of sex, endless conversations, night-long texting, and daily night-outs. But once that withers away, you start craving for more.

It is an indication that you need to take your relationship to another level. This is the time when you want more depth and meaning in your relationship. You should be able to sense the sadness in your partner’s eyes, be completely naked emotionally, be a mess in front of them and be at your worst without being judged or having a fear of losing the partner.

This is what experts like a relationship coach define as a healthy and intimate relationship. While many couples are blessed to be in a relationship that naturally progresses in that direction, we will tell you how to build a strong connection if you are not one of them. Here’s a healthy relationship checklist that will add more to your bond.

1.   Show love, appreciation, and warmth

It does not matter how long you have been in a relationship, it is essential to show your love, express appreciation and warmth to your partner. Couples in a new relationship are pretty expressive and find new ways to show their love.

But as the relationship gets old, people stop making that extra effort to say how much their partner means to them or the importance they hold in their lives. Such expressions of love, appreciation, and gratitude are needed to ensure that your partner continues to have faith in you and the relationship. A feeling of being loved less as time goes on is not a sign of a healthy relationship.

2.   Communicate and talk your heart out

Every relationship, whether romantic or otherwise, is based on open communication. Without that, it can’t last long. So, keep the communication window open. Speak your heart out to your partner. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Share your fears, insecurities, complaints, expectations, and create an atmosphere where both of you can share everything. This way, you will continue to feel connected and support each other through the ups and downs of life, something that a healthy relationship provides.

3.   Make a solid physical bond

Couples that enjoy a good sex life are happier and feel more connected. Physical intimacy not just satisfies your physical needs but also creates a stronger emotional bond. Making an effort will help you keep things fresh and hot in bed. If you feel your sex life is getting monotonous or boring, add new elements to bring more excitement. You can use sex toys, sex furniture to spice things up. But make sure you talk to each other before indulging in it. Each partner must be on the same page before getting naughty and kinky in bed.

4.   Be committed to your partner and the relationship.

Being loyal and standing by your partner is one of the pillars of having a strong relationship. Commit your time, energy, and emotions to your partner. Prioritize them over other frivolous things in life that might seem important and exciting at first, but have no long-lasting impact on your life.

5.   Make space for quality time together.

Life can be crazy busy, but you must take time out to spend some quality time with your partner. Life can be crazy busy, but you must take time out to spend some quality time with your partner. It could be anything from going out for dates, planning a trip, taking a hobby class, binge-watching at home, cooking together, etc. It is all about creating moments that give you happiness together. It is these moments that make your relationship journey worth it. Mind that being 24/7 together is one of the things that kills relationships forever.

6.   If you fight, fight fair.

Getting into a fight is the most natural thing in a relationship. When two people share a life, disagreements are bound to happen. But that doesn’t mean you don’t like each other anymore.

Upset asian couple wife sit on couch listen to furious husband yelling feel unhappy talk negative to her. Couple have fight or disagreement at home, Couple problem, family married toxic relationship.

So, if you do fight, fight fair. Don’t get into the blame game, cool down before you resolve the issues, own your mistakes, apologize, don’t be judgemental, work towards solving the problems and respect your partner’s complaints.

7.   Focus on giving

Be the giver, whether it is love, gifts, space, trust, or support (emotional and physical). You will be surprised how much you get in return. Any strong relationship is based on giving whatever your partner needs for them to be happy, and if you can do that, you will never have to feel insecure in your relationship.

Wrap Up

It is hard work to maintain a strong and intimate relationship. But the easiest thing to do is be an understanding, caring, and large-hearted person. That solves most of the issues in a relationship. Secondly, maintaining an exciting sex life is important too. This is where you find a deeper connection that surpasses the physical and enters the emotional and mental. Add accessories like couples sex toys to your routine if you must. But make sure that boredom doesn’t creep into the bedroom.

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