Youtuber and cat enthusiast Morgan James posted this video of his cats Simon and Wash going for a stroll at the park. Clearly Simon is not into walking. I’m with you Simon! I am v. against any position other than lying down. Before anyone cries animal abuse, take a Chill Pill, wash it down with some um, Relax Juice, and repeat after me: the kitty is totally fine. If Simon wasn’t chill with all this, we wouldn’t be watching this video right now. He would have torn his human limb from limb — that man wouldn’t be uploading videos to Youtube, he’d be in the G-D hospital. C’mon now. It’s like you don’t know about cats! They don’t mess around.

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Via: Death and Taxes


  1. Morgan James

    If you thought I was abusing Simon, you’ll be pleased to know that karma caught up with me: