Youtuber deermeatfordinner was just filleting fish when he spotted a manatee drinking water from his dock. The video is bizarre yet entrancing and/or maybe I’m just high. On life! Haha, right grampa? The manatee is cool and all, but WTF is up with that human? He’s great!! I just want this dude to narrate my whole life. He just makes everything sound more exciting. “She’s gargling chocolate milk! That’s totally insane! I’m gonna go and I guess I’m just gonna let her chill and gargle however much chocolate milk she wants I guess. She’s like at the bar right now, I’m gonna fillet the rest of these fish and I’m goin’ fishin’. PEACE!” Ugh, I want this SO BAD.


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  1. rose1957

    It tastes like din-din.

  2. Amanda Hvassman

    i love manatees. this is the first time i have ever saw the underside of one. pretty kewl it lifts it’s face up out of the water to quench whatever it is it is thirsty for. kind of ironic. suppose it likes the taste of fish wash..maybe it was attracted by the taste, smell, or noise the fish water made…kinda like a chum. thank you for sharing.

  3. mary bare


  4. Ryan Gallagher

    I’m surprised you don’t milk the “maybe I’m just high” joke a little more, Brittany High.