If you drive or know someone who drives, chances are you’ve either been in or know someone who has been in a car accident. With an increasingly large number of people using cars for their daily commutes and errands, it’s no wonder that the number of car accidents worldwide is shooting to near astronomical rates. As accident rates rise, so too does the need for legal representation. Have you been in a car accident? Unsure of whether or not you need a lawyer to file your claim? Here are some of the top reasons you should leave the legal work to the professionals.

Responsibility Is Unclear

Liability is one of the most highly disputed aspects of car accident claims. Particularly when multiple parties are involved, the liability or “fault” will usually be the deciding factor in how the claim is filled out, received, and processed. That means, determining liability should be treated with the utmost importance. As such, a lawyer is needed to liaise with all involved parties- especially the insurance provider. No matter what degree of liability you claim, they will be able to represent your best interests in the proceedings to make sure your insurance claim will garner the most coverage, payout, or legal protection for yourself or represented clients.

Mitigate Loss

Loss can be defined in a variety of ways, but in the case of car accidents is usually observed as economic and non-economic, which is observed in Missouri and most areas in the United States. Evaluating this loss can be tricky, as it is not always easily quantifiable. In both cases, there is a nuance that is best left for a lawyer to navigate. In the case of economic loss, legal aid is needed to ensure that you are fairly compensated for any damages sustained. The same is true for missed work, or any other financial hardship experienced as a result of an injury. With either, you can easily find a car accident attorney in St Louis or any local area who will provide you with a free consultation if proof is given to support an injury claim. With non-economic loss, it’s important to hire legal counsel to guide you through how to properly value things like emotional trauma and the loss of a loved one.

Motivate and Explain

If your claim needs to go to trial for any reason, a legal professional will be the key to having continuing success for the case. Any lawyer worth their salt will be able to simplify proceedings, and explain and motivate you through the trial process. This help can be irreplaceable if you don’t consider yourself knowledgeable about legal or insurance proceedings and ultimately result in a higher success rate. Lawyers will also be able to more accurately predict the time it will take to resolve your claim, as well as estimating the final value of your claim settlement. They will also have prior knowledge of deadlines to adhere to if you want to see results.

Improve Odds

A lawyer’s familiarity with insurance companies and claim types will undoubtedly lead to a better result. If you are going to put in the effort of filing a car accident claim, you should be reaching your desired outcome. With knowledge of things like the difference between collision insurance, no-fault auto insurance laws, and personal injury protection or “PIP”, hiring a lawyer will inform you as much as they save you time and money. The idea that your insurance provider is looking out for your best interests is unfortunately a misinformed one. The role of a claim adjuster is to minimize the total amount you are paid. The insurance company has no alliance with you, and in fact, is working counter-intuitively to make sure that you do not get paid. As such, a lawyer is needed to stand up for your rights and work with your local laws to best serve you.

The road can be a very dangerous place to be. Like it or not, if you are driving there is always a chance you will end up in an accident. While most accidents aren’t deadly, many are extremely costly and can take a huge emotional toll. Even if no physical damage is done to your vehicle, the mental and bodily repercussions of a car accident can leave you reeling. To best cover financial losses due to injury, damage, death, or other less tangible issues, hiring a lawyer is the smartest course of action. Filing a car accident claim can help you regain your money and your life, but it takes a lot of time and mental acuity. By hiring a lawyer, you will not only be getting specialized knowledge, but also someone fighting for your independent interests, and ultimately your peace of mind.

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