What is a personal injury case? When you get injured, either at work, during a car accident, or at someone’s property, you can sue the owners through a personal injury claim. In a personal injury claim, you sue the individuals for wrongful conduct that caused the injuries. You need to note that not all injuries fit a personal injury case. It’s important to talk to your lawyer and see the cases that fit in this category. Which cases does a personal injury lawyer handle? This article will cover four main claims that an injury lawyer can help you. Read on for the list.

1.   Car Accidents

Have you suffered in a car accident? How did it happen? Most people who get injured in car accidents suffer as a result of someone’s fault. It can be another road user or bad roads. In most states, car accidents fit the number one spot in personal injury cases. Many people have suffered minor and major injuries, with some losing their lives. The professionals behind https://bayoucitylaw.com/ stress that you will need a reputable personal injury lawyer to get compensation if you suffer in these accidents. These accidents include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents. If you lose your loved one in such accidents, you can file for a wrongful death claim. It’s important finding these lawyers immediately you suffer these accidents to have fresh evidence, which will increase your compensation chances.

2.   Slip and Fall Cases

One major accident which happens in workplaces and residential areas is slip and fall. Slip and fall accidents can lead to multiple injuries. What causes slip and fall? These accidents are caused by uneven surfaces, slippery surfaces, uneven stairs, wet floors, and substances on the floor. Under the law, property owners are supposed to keep their premises safe and hazard-free. This situation ensures that anyone who gets into the property doesn’t slip, fall and suffer injuries in the process. When property owners fail to maintain this, and it causes injuries, you can call a personal injury lawyer and file for damages. The personal injury lawyer will inform you whether the accident meets the threshold of a personal injury claim. The reason is that not all accidents will get accepted as injury claims. The claim will vary according to the landlord’s duty and what the law says.

3.   Medical Malpractice

People will visit hospitals to get treatment for diseases or other ailments. You can file for a personal injury claim when you suffer injuries and infections at the hospital due to the doctors’ or hospitals’ negligence. These claims arise when a health care professional gives the wrong treatment, making the patient suffer more or suffer more side effects than expected. For instance, when you get the wrong medicine or when a surgeon does the surgery wrongly, you can sue them for personal injuries. However, proving that the doctor or the hospital did something wrong is challenging. It’s important to get a competent personal injury lawyer who will find evidence of linking the doctor or hospital to the injuries you suffered. The law also protects the doctors. Not all bad results in treatments will lead to personal injuries. You have to find and prove the doctor or hospital’s exact mistake to validate your case.

4.   Dog Bites

If you keep a dog as a pet in your home, you are responsible for its bites and injuries it will cause to people. The law requires you to tame your dog and train it never to bite individuals. Vice versa applies when you are a victim. When you pass near someone’s home, and their dog pounces on you or bites, leaving you with injuries or infections, you can sue its owner. You can file for damages even when the dog never showed any aggressiveness or has never bitten anyone before. However, there are also limitations to this. It might be you threatened the dog, hurled a stone at it, or injured it in some way. When such is the case, you will lose the case. The dog’s owner might have a defense lawyer, and it’s important to hire a competent lawyer to prove your claim. You have to counterattack the dog owner’s claim to see yourself getting compensated for the injuries.

As you can see from the above list, many cases can make one file for a personal injury claim. However, to make it go through and earn full compensation, it’s crucial to hire a competent personal injury lawyer who will help gather the evidence and witnesses. The lawyer will also represent you in court to ensure you get fully compensated for your injuries and other inconveniences caused by these injuries.

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