Anyone can pick up a paint brush, slap some color on a canvas and call it art, but true art has to come from a place deep within the artist. No, we’re not talking about the artist’s deep, tortured soul, we’re talking about the artist’s stomach. Artist Millie Brown creates each piece of puke art by first drinking a colored liquid and then vomiting said liquid up onto a canvas. She repeats the process with various colors until the piece is done…and everyone present has lost their appetite completely. Just be warned, if you’re going to watch the video, do so on an empty stomach.

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  1. Skye

    That’s really awful. I’m not even grossed out by the idea, but it’s not healthy to constantly vomit. You destroy your esophagus that way.

  2. S.Emerald


  3. steve jenkins

    Fucking Hippy Artists!

  4. willi

    eeeew. Bad for health. Good creativity though.

  5. Sami

    This will have the same effect on her throat as it does on girls with eating disorders. Eventually the lining of her throat will dissolve and she’ll be throwing up blood. ):

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