You ever wonder how people sneeze in other languages? Me too. Personally, I figure everyone else is probably not as loud, proud, and shooting snot as far as us Americans. We’re a delightful country. Cartoonist James Chapman created this cute infographic showing how people sneeze in other languages. The data provided does not support or refute my hypothesis about Americans, so I still stand by it 100%. However people sneeze, I hope they’re covering their mouths, because germs. Unfortunately according to my personal sneeze researcher (sneezearch?!) on the bus, people generally do not. I came to my conclusion and abandoned the study after one time someone sneezed into my mouth while yawning.


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  1. Adela Alonso

    Achís! in Spanish

  2. Dutchy

    Hatsjoe in Dutch 🙂

  3. neil.kev

    Aching in Filipino!

  4. Luca de Santis

    Eccì (Italian)

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