LED light artwork is the buzz of the year and Illumi Arts are at the forefront, offering beautiful pictures whose colours can be changed at the touch of a button on your smartphone.

Illumi LED artwork

Meet the artist

Farah Barnes is the creator and the artist behind this stunning product. With more than 20 years’ experience in architectural lighting and museum’s exhibition designs for some of the world’s top attractions she knows a thing or two about how lighting can change the way people see the world. Farah has designed the lighting for commercial buildings, schools, art collectors’ residences, and in 2018 her latest project will light up a modern art museum in Athens, Greece.

Lighting and mood

Have you ever seen how a well placed bright light in a dark corner of the room can make the whole room seem larger? This is one of the ways that a simple addition to your living environment can totally change the feeling of the place.

Have you ever experimented with different colours? Reds add warmth to a room, while bright white can emulate the sun and improve your mood in the dark winter months. Yellows can soften, while blues can add to the intensity.

The proper lighting can make a once unloved room an attractive and warm place to use. You may have rarely used the dining room in your house but with the image of the Sahara, New York or Paris installation you may come back time and again.

Illumi LED artwork

LED art lights

The coloured LED art lights are designed by Farah Barnes and Illumi Arts will become a feature of an otherwise unloved wall. The installation has a simple, changeable design panels that can light up the wall in the same way as a paint artwork or print would normally do. Being of LED lights, it can add to the mood of the room, accentuating the wall and atmosphere of the room that it sits in. You can change the colours of the light too with an app on your smartphone.

You may need a toned down, gold lighting for an intimate dinner with friends. At the touch of a button on your Bluetooth enabled phone app, you can choose exactly the right colour and intensity of the light. Are you watching a football game? Change the colour to a bright intensity blue to add to the atmosphere of the game you’re watching! All this can be done in a few strokes of your smartphone screen.

Before the advent of LED lighting, lights could cost a lot in energy and ultimately harm the environment. Coloured LED lights require far less energy, at 11 watts, and produce a lot more light with relatively little wasted energy as heat. These decorative light fixtures are UL tested.  The Illumi Arts can really change the feeling of a room.

Being simple to use yet having a high impact on any room, the Illumi Arts can do amazing things to the space they are installed in. Contact us today to order one and see its effect right away!

Illumi LED artwork

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