We’re EnjoyTheWood, the proudly Ukrainian creators behind 6 successful Kickstarter projects. 

Since 2014, our Ukrainian brand Enjoy The Wood created inspiring and meaningful products for people’s homes, offices and lives.. Now Russia destroyed our homes, made us move away and become refugees.. 

We are not gonna give up. We will restart, rebuild, renew everything that has been taken away! Don’t doubt that for one moment. Do you know our superpower? We’re Ukrainians! ??

Now, help us to restart manufacturing in Ukraine with a line of new wooden products that will show your support for our country and our people. 

Each of you can make a contribution to the future of the Ukrainian people. By choosing any of our proposed decor units, not only you will be able to decorate your home, but also help rebuild ours. Even if you are far away and have never been to Ukraine, thanks to this project, you become a part of something great and real. Before your eyes, the cities will be built and everything ruined by the attacks will be restored. We will be the bridge that will connect the whole world. We’re the company that didn’t give up. The aim of this campaign is to support the economy of Ukrainian economy, restart our manufacturing and continue creating the great products for you.

Let us introduce you to “the Map on board» – the idea was inspired by your reviews and creative ideas. Impressed by the breadth and depth of your imagination,we decided to follow its direction and here it is. The Map is available in 2 options – Triptych and Single panel. We’ve made a realistic ocean background with the pictures of planes & boats printed on it and re-designed the ocean names to refresh the whole picture. Made like a poster, the Map is put into a black frame – so stylish.Your Wall Art is available in a range of colors.

Made in Ukraine by freedom-loving Ukrainian people.We use eco-friendly materials to handcraft our Maps (certified sustainable birch plywood). The Map is already installed on board: takes just a couple of minutes to install. It’s the perfect travel planner & memory board.Comes ready to gift. In the box you’ll find: a realistic ocean background, the pictures of planes & boats printed on it, re-designed ocean names. Made like a poster, the Map is put into a black frame – so stylish.  Available in one size and 2 types: Triptych and Single panel. It is a meaningful decoration, not a true geographical map, though. So some smaller islands and places may be omitted or printed on board. We took a special opportunity not to engrave the aggressor country on the map and left it blank.

Our product is 100% our own — not imported or rebranded. All the Maps by Enjoy The Wood are handcrafted in Ukraine at our own manufacturing facility. Our goal is to give our customers the very best, constantly perfecting the processes and improving our products, their quality, and features. 

With your incredible support, we can make all dreams come true!

We have a great experience in the production of quality products, more than 100,000 happy customers all over the world and 8 years of experience in international delivery – 100% guarantee that we won’t let you down!

See our current Kickstarter promotion now!  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2005075996/3d-world-map-wall-art-ukrainian-edition-stand-with-ukraine?ref=e0ei7p

Image Source: https://enjoythewood.com/ (with permission)


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