Why Choose Fur?

Whether you’re looking for a simple decor piece to instantly spruce up your living room, or a cosy blanket to keep you warm on cold winter nights, a throw is the perfect option for you. Perhaps you’re looking to invest in a high-quality throw, but are unsure how to choose the perfect one to compliment your home.

With so many throws available on the market, it can be difficult to pick which one is right for you, so start by considering the material that you want. If you’re after luxury home decor that will add a touch of sophistication into your living space, real fur blanket throws are an excellent choice. Due to the nature of the fur, each throw will have a completely unique and handmade look, giving your home an elegant and bespoke aesthetic.

Fur doesn’t just look stunning; despite being lightweight and breathable, it has a high insulation index, meaning it can effectively keep you warm even on the chilliest of winter nights. And, despite what many think, it actually makes for an eco-friendly throw material due to its biodegradable properties and the lack of waste product.

Whether you’re after a fur sofa throw to decorate your living room, or a luxurious bedding blanket, Skandinavik Furs offers a wide range of fully customisable fur throws that can be made-to-order so as to suit your unique needs. As fur is highly durable, you can purchase with confidence knowing that your throw will stay intact for years so you can enjoy endless comfort and an exquisite-looking home without the hassle of purchasing new furniture.

Bedroom and Living Room Decor Ideas with Throws

Once you’ve settled on the material you want for your throw, it’s time to consider how you want to decorate your home.

If you’re searching for a large fur throw to drape over your sofa, you need to choose a colour that will complement the aesthetic of your living room. If your walls and carpets are neutral, it can prove effective to choose a brightly coloured throw to add interest to the room. Although contrasting colours may seem daunting, it can in fact create a very striking and unique look in your home.

Similarly, if you have throw cushions on your sofa, choose a throw colour that won’t clash with the pillows. If you have plain scatter cushions, choosing a patterned throw can make for a very eye-catching look, while patterned cushions work best with a plain throw so as to keep your room looking elegant.

How you arrange your throw on your bed or your sofa can make a huge impact on the overall look of a room. To just cover a portion of your sofa, a smaller throw can be draped over the central section for an elegant and subtle style. However, larger throws can also be used to cover the entirety of a piece of furniture, which is perfect for keeping your bed or sofa feeling cosy in the cold weather.

If you like to switch up your home decor depending on the season, throws are one of the simplest and most effective ways to do this. Now that the cooler months are rolling in, otp for larger throws in warm tones, such as our Burgundy Fox Fur Fur Blanket Throw Cover, to amp up the cosiness of your home and create a festive look ready for the holidays. Similarly, lighter colours and pastel shades, like our Light Pink Fox Fur Blanket Chevron, are perfect for welcoming spring into your home.

As it’s so easy to switch over your throws, they’re one of the quickest ways to customise your home based on the season or occasion, making them an essential decor piece for anyone who loves to keep their space looking fresh. To get started on choosing your perfect throw, here are some of our favourites from the Skandinavik Fur collection…

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect throw, prepare to see your home transformed into a stunning sanctuary with the help of this ultimate versatile decor piece.

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