Windows are a popular summer and fall renovation – for good reason. New windows revitalize the look of a room. They also allow plenty of late summer sunlight and protect your house against air leaks and drafts before the winter hits.

But what windows should you choose? There are seemingly endless options available, and if you aren’t in the know (i.e. not a window professional), the decision process can feel overwhelming. On top of that, design trends change on a semi-regular basis. What was hot a few years ago may no longer be in style.

In this article, let’s help you find the right windows. First, let’s explore general window trends. Then, let’s discuss a couple of stylish yet timeless options to choose from in 2021.

General Trends in Windows

Before diving into specific window styles, let’s take a step back and look at broad-stroke trends in window consumerism. Here are a few general directions that the window industry is headed, spurred by demand from consumers:

  • Energy Efficiency: Customers increasingly want energy-efficient options, which not only help preserve the environment but also save homeowners money on their monthly energy bills.
  • Natural light: More and more, you’ll find homeowners opting for big, towering windows allowing plenty of natural light.
  • Indoor-outdoor flow: This is a popular concept right now referring to harmonizing one’s house with its natural surroundings. Homeowners achieve this with large, operable windows and doors.
  • Bold colours: Black framing is increasingly popular, especially in modern and contemporary architectural homes.

If you partner with a forward-thinking window company like Golden Windows, you should have no trouble finding energy-efficient, bright and bold windows. With general trends covered, let’s explore three popular window styles to choose from in 2021.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows are multi-panelled windows that protrude from a room. They are often created with one central picture window flanked by two (or more) operable windows. They were popular in past architectural periods (like the Victorian and Edwardian Eras) and are now making a comeback.

Why Are They Popular?

Because Bay Windows form a 180-degree wraparound, they offer panoramic natural light. They also add space to a room – since they protrude, they act as a sort of room extension. The resultant “nook” can be decorated and turned into a reading or dining space.

Floor-to-Ceiling Picture Windows

As the name suggests, floor-to-ceiling picture windows are tall, fixed windows (i.e. they do not open and close) that extend from the floor to the ceiling. A custom window company can make picture windows as broad or thin as you want.

Why Are They Popular?

Floor-to-ceiling picture windows invite an abundance of natural light into the home. They also offer stunning views of the surrounding property. Moreover, they help homeowners achieve that “indoor-outdoor flow” mentioned above by blurring the lines between inside and outside. Because they are fixed, picture windows also tend to be very energy-efficient.

If you plan on replacing your windows in the next few months, consult this quick guide again before you buy to get the latest, greatest options for your home.

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