When choosing such types of commercial equipment for your restaurant such as stainless steel shelves, kitchen features must be considered to decide exactly what are your needs (maximize storage capacity, free extra space on the countertop, use vertical walls). Moreover, the specificity of the environment is also of high importance since, in a busy commercial kitchen, there can be sudden fluctuations in temperature, steam effects, accumulation of oily substances, food debris, dust, and so on. Also, the humidity level is very high here. Thus, stainless steel shelves would be an ideal solution for the kitchen in order to arrange the workspace as comfortably as possible for your staff and to provide hassle-free access to the stored items. Furthermore, the material used in food establishments must comply with sanitary standards. Therefore, manufacturers use food-grade stainless steel in the process of making not only kitchen shelves, but also stainless steel kitchen work tables, sinks, stands, kitchen faucets, etc. Such products are sturdy and impervious to excessive moisture.

More benefits of stainless steel shelves

  • you can use the metal structure for storing utensils, goods, cooking devices;
  • easy to assemble: for example, wall-mounted metal shelves can be easily installed as well as disassembled and moved to another place if necessary;
  • firmly fixed products are impact resistant and steady;
  • metal shelving systems have a long service life;
  • the material does not contribute to the spreading of harmful microorganisms, the metal is completely hygienic, and the smooth surface of the product prevents the accumulation of germs, bacteria, and dirt, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach places during the cleaning procedures;
  • with proper care and maintenance, stainless steel shelves can withstand the formation of corrosion, rust, fungus;
  • shelves come in different configurations, designs, shapes, edge types.

Heavy-duty stainless steel shelving types

Each owner of the establishment in the foodservice industry strives to maintain cleanliness and order, as well as to organize the commercial space so that the personnel can smoothly perform their daily cooking tasks without interruptions or delays, having everything they need at hand. This can be achieved by purchasing the stainless steel shelves, kitchen racks, complete shelving kits. Let’s take a look at the most common options:

Shelves with pot racks. If you seek equipment for hanging pots, pans, and other frequently used utensils, shelves with pot racks are a perfect and indispensable helper in limited spaces. Thus, you can empty overcrowded cabinets and optimize space even more.

Microwave wall-mounted shelves. It makes it possible to store heavy kitchen appliances and tools, keeping away bulky microwave ovens or juicers from working tops.

Metal wire wall mount shelving. Ideal for drying off different dishes or keeping items and goods that need constant air circulation.

Table mounted shelves. Overshelves are manufactured to be sure that your personnel can place ingredients, devices, supplies, and different tools within the reach to facilitate food prep processes.

Bakery racks. Metal racks are shelf storage systems for bakeries and establishments that serve pastry, sweets, confectionery, pizza, etc. The main function is to ensure well-organized storage. Also, cooling racks help to promptly and safely cool goods before selling.

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