Getting a mattress is easier said than done. You cannot just randomly pick a bed foam; you have to know its attributes before buying. Unlike other pieces for your home, bed foam is something you cannot just look at and decide that that’s for you. You need to know the contents of the mattress; you need to know the size that you need for it to fit in your bed.

Thanks to modern technology, picking a mattress is not just one-dimensional. You can choose from many choices that could fit your individual needs. To make it easy for you, we already stated the best mattress choices you can pick from when buying your new foam. These are memory foam, latex, and hybrid.

These are the best beds that can give you the best sleep. However, these mattresses have their unique attributes, and choosing one of them is not just the question of which is the best; it is also the question of which one would fit your personal needs.

Tips For Buying A Mattress

Before we proceed in describing what all of these best mattresses can offer, let us discuss the things you should consider when buying a new foam for your bed.

First, you should care about its size, size matters when it comes to your bed. The best bed for you should fit your bed hardware. Measure the width, height, and length of your bed before going to the shops or buying your mattress online. Caring about the size can also help when you decide to purchase new bed covers.

Second, opt to buy first hand mattresses. Nowadays, it is a trend to purchase from thrift stores. But when it comes to mattresses, the older it gets, the less durable it is. If you buy your mattress in a secondhand store because of environmental savviness, opt for sustainable foam instead. Let us proceed to describing these mattresses and knowing which is best for you.

Memory Foam: Very Soft And Affordable Mattress

If you prefer cushiony mattresses, then you can opt for memory foam. Memory foams are soft mattresses that hug the body when you sleep. It is the best mattress for side and back sleepers. However, memory foam can be too soft for some; and it can sink while you are sleeping and is not ideal for heavier sleepers.

Aside from being soft, it is an affordable option as well. Memory foam is a cheap option for those who are trying to budget their money. Even though this product is on the cheaper side, it is still considered a novelty.

Another asset of memory foam is its material. The pests cannot live within this mattress; it is not habitable for them. If you have problems with microscopic germs or bed bugs, then memory foam can solve your problems.

Alongside the pros of memory foam are some cons. Memory foams can give off heat which is ideal for winter, but it can lead to discomfort during summer days. It is also known to emit an odor that can be uncomfortable for some.

Latex: Environmentally Savvy and Tough Mattress

Latex is also a good option for you. If you prefer durability and toughness, then this might be the mattress for your individual needs. Natural latex comes from rubber trees but it can also be synthetic and blended materials.

Opposite of the memory foam, latex is firmer and less soft. This can be the ideal mattress for those who consider themselves and it will not sink while you are sleeping. Foams that are too soft can intensify your body pain, latex is a good option for those who suffer aches. However, this is more expensive than memory foam.

Lastly, it is the best mattress for those who are environmentally savvy. If you are an environmental advocate, buying a mattress made from natural latex is in line with your sustainability goals.

Hybrid: Have The Best Of Both Worlds

If you want a soft mattress that would not sink while sleeping, then hybrid is for you. It has the benefits of other mattresses that it is infused with.

If you have a problem with your memory foam being too soft; some hybrids have memory foam and latex in their material that would make it less cushiony but just enough for comfortability. If you have problems with memory foams being too hot, then get hybrid foams that have cooling gel in them. Hybrids can be ideal for those who want the attributes of different mattresses, but it is the priciest choice of all three mentioned here.


If you prefer the softest cushion that is affordable, then opt for memory foam. If you care about firmness and being environmental savvy, then get a latex. If you want to get some attributes from different mattresses, then explore possible hybrids for your needs.

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