Disinfecting surfaces around the house have become a major daily chore more than before. No thanks to the surge of the world’s worst pandemic, stealing lives at a snap of the finger and leaving panic in every heart and home.

However, regular cleaning of the environment, surfaces in the house, and maintenance of high personal hygiene can help keep the virus at bay.

Since frequent cleaning of all surfaces in the house can give you and your family some level of safety from the pandemic, it will be great to have it done properly.

Not just cleaning the surfaces but knowing the best ways to clean them. As well as the things to avoid when cleaning your surfaces.

Hopefully, the virus leaves the world but while it lingers, you can learn better ways of ensuring safe disinfection of your home and the surfaces therein.

Some ways to disinfect the surfaces in your house

1. Hire a Cleaning Service

It might be hard for you to properly disinfect the nooks, crannies, and large surfaces of your home properly, mainly because you don’t have the tools and skill. It would help to hire domestic cleaning services in Dartford if you’re in the area as these experts will do a more thorough job in disinfecting your entire home.

You can also hire a home disinfection service from CalMaids for complete cleaning of your house with high quality standards

2. Begin with a soapy damp cloth cleaning.

After sweeping or vacuuming the floor, the dust and tiny dirt particles are likely to settle on the surface of your furniture. With the surfaces dirty, fill a bucket with mild detergent, use a soft cotton cloth, and wipe the dirt off the surfaces first. This can certainly get the dirt away but to ensure a sincerely clean zone around you, you need to double your cleaning game with an alcohol-based cleaning agent.

3. Apply an alcohol-based disinfectant.

Alcohol-based cleaning agents are very effective in killing all forms of germs and you will have peace of mind knowing no crabby virus escapes any cleaning rounds. So, with your reusable gloves still on or disposable gloves, get disposable cotton wool or cotton rag, apply Clorox or any alcohol-contained cleaner you find around you on the surfaces, leave it for 1 minute before wiping. Your doorknobs, tables, chairs, rails, everywhere should be completely wiped.

4. Make sure your windows are open before every cleaning.

Apart from the dust and other dirt that can remain trapped, making the atmosphere a little unpleasant proper ventilation will ensure maximum safety especially when applying the disinfectant. Noting that the disinfectants are made from harsh chemicals and direct inhalation is hazardous to health. So, a healthy step will be to ensure all windows are left open while cleaning and disinfecting too. You can also do well by reading the direction for use as captured on the bottle and adhere to the instructions.

5. You can make your homemade disinfectant and use it.

If you are not in a hurry to visit the mall for groceries, don’t worry, you can still disinfect your home with the available cleaning agent. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the bottle of your bleach for the diluted bleach recipe or you simply do the following.

  • Add 5 tablespoons of bleach to a gallon of water.
  • Remember, the water must be at room temperature
  • When applied, leave the diluted bleach solution on the surface for 2 minutes for “contact time” with the germs before wiping.
  • Do not mix your bleach with other disinfectants, the vapor from the solution is harmful to health
  • Lastly, discard leftover diluted bleach solution and remake another each day

6. Take care of electronics.

Dirt and dust do settle on electronics but remember to double-check the instructions for cleaning. Electronics like phones, keypads, remote control, etc. should be covered with wipeable covers before every cleaning.

7. For laundry, follow the manufacturer’s directions on the hamper.

Suggestions like “no shaking of dirty clothes” are one of the things you must give attention to when cleaning. Chances of having the virus escape into the atmosphere are high when you shake your laundry bag.

8. Dispose of disposal gears after each use.

Immediately you are through with the cleaning, discard the gloves and masks if they were disposable ones. If they weren’t, wash them with detergent and dry them in the sun or some form of heat to kill any germs lurking around the edges of the gloves.

Additionally, remember to disinfect your clothes bag or hamper from time to time as well.

9. Clean and care for your hands always.

Washing of hands has become a regular habit these days and frequent washing of the hands may get them a little coarse. So, while you keep up with the regular hand washing, remember to have a moisturizing hand cream close by.

Disinfecting surfaces may look a little overwhelming when you think about the number of times you may need to disinfect. Well, it is worth the task and easy when you follow the above tips.

Do these and remember to stay clean and safe!

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