We’re back at it again with products for cat and dog owners everywhere. One of the biggest problems we have with our pets is that they shed fur like crazy. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t find a big ol’ ball of fur waiting for us in our carpets and rugs. The worst thing is that our pets don’t realize how much trouble their stray hairs cause. Luckily, the solution to sweet all your hair-troubles away is here. The FURemover Broom does what its name suggests: it removes fur. Run it over your carpets and watch as it effectively rakes up every last strand of hair. Not only does it remove hair from carpets, but it’s also fitted with a rubber squeegee for wiping spills off of floors and even cleaning windows.  This multi-purpose broom is the perfect tool for sweeping up pet hair and squeegeeing… other…messes your pets leave for you.

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