With the winter months behind you, it’s now time to assess the condition of your home. You’ll be able to take stock of any damage or wear and tear sustained by the house, and get ready to put things back in order for use during the summers. Simply taking a walk around your home and examining the condition of the exterior walls will let you see if there is any damage. Then you can take a look at the chimney and roof ridge tiles to check for broken tiles or slates.

A simple system to follow for home maintenance is to start at the top and work your way down. It is also best to make a list to help you prioritize urgent tasks and plan jobs that you can complete later on when the weather is dry. We will cover some essential home DIY spring maintenance jobs here to make sure that you enjoy a hassle-free summer.

Repair the roof

Since it is the most exposed part of your home, your roof can take quite a beating during the harsh winter months. You should check for loose or cracked slates, flashings, or tiles yourself or hire Frisco roofing contractors to ensure that the roof tiles are intact.

If the tiles are displaced or damaged, it is best to carry out repairs quickly, as delaying them can cause internal damage to your home.

Clean the gutters

Check the gutters to ensure they are free of any twig and leaf debris. Keeping the gutters unclogged can help you save a substantial amount in the long run, as blocked gutters can cause water damage to your home.

Repair fencing

During winter, your fence would have been dealing with freezing conditions and getting soaked in the rain, which can then cause the wood to deteriorate quickly. Cedar fence posts and panels do not cost a lot, so if you have a hole in your fence, it is advisable to fix it quickly. Fence panels and posts do not cost a lot, so if you have a hole in your fence, it is advisable to fix it quickly. The longer you leave it, the greater the damage will spread, causing you to replace the whole fence, which can then be an expensive process.

Examine the woodwork

Next, you should check your doors and windows, especially if you have wooden fixtures. This is the best time to address rot, woodworm, and peeling paint. Treat, stain, or repaint outside doors and windows if needed, as this will help increase their lifespan and brighten the facade of your home.     

Clean patios and decking

Clean and scrub patios and decking to remove grime and algae that might have grown during winters. Use a stiff brush and dustpan to remove any loosened dirt or moss before using a pressure washer to get rid of ingrained dirt. Take extra care when washing near joints to not disturb the grout or sand.

You can also use a detergent to remove stubborn grime or stains. Choose a biodegradable product as it is safer for the environment and pets or children. Also, give an excellent cleaning to any outdoor furniture so that you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful spring days.

Brickwork and pointing

The pointing between the brickwork could become seriously damaged due to frost and rain. Check closely to mark the areas that need repointing.

Chop out or rake the defective pointing down to 12 mm or up to where the mortar is sound. Use mortar dyes to ensure that the mortar you are using matches the existing one. Next, repoint and clean the repaired area.

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Protect paintwork

The paint on the outside of your home protects it from various weather elements, while the paint inside acts as a defense against everyday wear and tear. Although a crack may seem like a small problem, it can cause the paint to flake, leaving your home exposed to damage. Make sure you add retouching to your DIY list to protect yourself from bigger and costlier issues.

Work in the garden

Your garden typically gets neglected during the winter months. Taking care of your plants when the sun is shining is much more enjoyable and will ensure their health throughout the year.

Refresh the soil before planting any new plants, and prune your existing shrubs and hedges to give your garden a pleasing look. Spring is also the best time to do some landscaping and sow new seeds.

Gardening not only helps promote a healthy mind and body, but it is also a straightforward DIY job that helps you save money. Plus, you can get your kids to join to make it a fun family affair. 

Make sure your tools are in good condition.

Since you will be spending more time in the garden during spring, it is better to keep your tools maintained. Change the oil in the lawnmower and sharpen the blades to keep the grass tidy. Ensure that secateurs, garden shears, and other cutting tools are oiled and ready for use.

Tidy up the garage

Before planning any new projects, inspect your power tools. Are they in good working condition? Are the batteries holding a charge? Do you need to replace or sharpen drill bits?

Declutter your garage and get your workshop ready before starting any improvements to your outdoor space. Throw out old sealants and paint as they are just taking up valuable space.

Give the Interior a Thorough Clean

After giving your exterior an uplift, it is now time to move indoors. Clean your windows and floors with care, making sure that they do not get damaged. Give a deep and thorough cleaning to your carpets and bedding.

Cleaning in the spring makes more sense, as you can properly ventilate your home by opening the windows. If you do not prefer chemical-laden cleaning products, you can just work with vinegar and baking soda and get excellent results.


Spring is all about new beginnings, making it the best time to get your home DIY jobs done. Most of the jobs mentioned above are pretty small and do not require any major overhaul.

But take heed, as neglecting them can result in much more significant and more severe problems in the long run. You can easily handle most of these yourself, while some may require a professional hand. However, keeping vigilant and catching the problems in the early stages can help you save thousands!

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