Remodeling a basement into a multifunctional family room is a popular remodeling project. This space may be used for watching movies, playing games, practising music, working out, studying or doing homework.

A themed basement family room design by Blackband Design adds plenty of character and functionality. This earthy basement living area includes wall paneling, a fur area rug, and an artistic neon sign with artistic vibes.

Design and Layout

Are You Planning Family Movie Nights or Need an Enticing Game Room? A finished basement will make this possible! Tucked away from the rest of your home, this space provides privacy while offering respite from everyday distractions.

Selecting the appropriate colors will set the scene for your basement family room. Avoid dark hues that can make the space seem smaller, and stick with neutral schemes for walls and large pieces of furniture – save bolder hues for decorative items like pillows or rugs.

If music is your passion, consider creating an homage to your favorite artists or bands in your basement family room. An inspirational gallery wall featuring iconic musicians like Audrey Hepburn or Frank Sinatra could become the centerpiece of your entertainment area.


Basements provide an ideal opportunity to experiment with design themes and decor that wouldn’t otherwise work in your home, such as this earthy basement family room by Blackband Design that features an earth-toned palette with plenty of wood accents.

Add warmth to any space with a cozy gallery wall featuring family photos and artwork, soft sofas, and an inviting fur area rug – the furniture setup completes itself.

Playrooms are essential features in any basement renovation, and the ideal playroom design must grow with your children as they get older, provide sightlines between parent spaces, provide opportunities for arts & crafts projects (Legos/blocks etc), building (e.g. blocks etc), reading or relaxing.


No matter if it be watching sports, playing games, or reading together – the basement provides the ideal setting. Installing a large screen and sound system creates an immersive home theater experience while gaming areas could include video game consoles, pinball machines or a pool table – even dance floors and music corners will bring joy for those seeking exercise or relaxation through their favorite hobbies.

Kids love playtime and appreciate having a designated place where they can release all their energy and creativity. Designate one room as the “play zone”, with comfy seating and toys designed to encourage creative play. Custom built-in storage keeps floors clear while bookshelves and wall art add personalized touches.


Create an enjoyable environment in your basement by turning it into a family entertainment center. Equipped with widescreen TV and surround sound speakers, movie nights will become even more fun with family watching together!

Your gaming area with large screen TV and consoles can make for an exciting place for everyone in the household to congregate and unwind. Consider adding a music room complete with instruments and sound system so kids and adults alike can practice their musical talents or jam out to their favorite tunes!

Proper lighting can set the ambiance for your basement family room and highlight specific areas. Employing multiple sources such as wall lights and tabletop lamps adds depth and character to your space.


A basement can make for the ideal setting for creating a home theater or media room complete with large screen and surround-sound system, ideal for game nights with family and friends.

Crafts areas provide children with a space to get creative without overwhelming the main level. Keep supplies organized in clear jars or baskets arranged on floating shelves.

An attractive basement family room can feature a home office for working remotely and keeping house records. Create a cozy nook complete with comfy seating and desk.

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