Searching for a house online? You aren’t alone. Technology has made it easier for people to start their home search online, especially with thousands of choices available. But you still have to go check out the home, have meetings with real estate agents and lawyers, and head to all kinds of different places to get your mortgage, home inspection, registration, and the other services that you might need when buying a home. But what if you could do it all from the comfort of your home?

Virtual Reality: Explore Homes While Sitting At Your Desk


Imagine making your home purchase in just a simple click, from the comfort of your computer screen. In this fast-paced, technologically-driven world, nothing is impossible. In the next 2-3 decades, with the aid of virtual reality, you would not only be able to visit as many properties as you want, but you would also be able to critically assess them and finally make an informed decision without having to set a foot on the property!

Return Policies: Satisfaction Guaranteed


20 years from now, home-owners may have return policies that would help them if they buy a home online. Lots of people may not realize how important a return policy is when they consider the choices available for home purchase. With all the problems that could pop up once you move into your new home, a convenient quick return policy could be a life-saver. For this to become reality however, big players like Amazon would need to serve as mediators – buying and selling properties, making sure that everything is up to standard. Others have speculated that this could happen as soon as a few decades from now.

Paperwork at the Click of a Button


Once everything moves online, it would be simple to have all the related paperwork and applications done at the click of a button. We already have companies offering you near-instant credit applications and legal forms – add just a few more steps and you’ll have real estate covered. And it’s already starrted! With innovative online real estate tools, you just need a few minutes to figure out all your fees, property taxes, land transfer taxes and any other hidden costs involved in buying a home. This is a good skill to acquire now, as it would come in quite handy if you decide to buy more homes in the future or invest in real estate. Also, it’s a pretty amazing way to save some money!

All-in-one service


Most inexperienced home buyers are completely oblivious to the online tools available to them. This is why people still resort to the phonebook or personal connections to find contractors or the services they need to buy a home. On an online platform, this could all be combined into a single easy-to-use solution. With the help of machine learning, you could even skip many of the additional services and use online tools like Zestimate by Zillow for your home evaluation.


Wrapping Up


Excited yet? A VR-equipped, easy-to-use online platform that can do it all is just years out. You can even get started now with established platforms like Wowa, which can help you shop for top real estate agents and has a great assortment of tools and calculators to assist you on your home buying or selling journey.


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