This is Slap It, a butt-shaped lamp. To turn it on all you gotta do is smack dat ass. It was created by London-based artist Joseph Begley. I like your style, man. Now do a boob version next! It could be activated by a nice squeeze or even a nip twist. You’re right, I’m getting ahead of myself, when I should be focusing on the behind. Butt joke!! I’m gonna be 10000000000% honest with you: this booty light makes me so damn happy I can barely contain myself. It’s the lamp of my dreams! Which is exactly why I’m taking up donations so I can have one of my own. C’mon, it’s limited edition and going for only $1,167! That’s a total steal when it comes to butt lamps. Trust me, I’ve done my research. THOROUGHLY.



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Via: The Huffington Post


  1. vb

    lol, youwish :P

  2. Teeto

    This is the best thing ever

  3. John Dillinger

    Now we need Breast Lamps!

  4. batman

    I want it