Did you know that your feet make up a quarter of your body’s entire bone structure? Both feet have 38 muscles, 66 joints, and 214 ligaments. According to doctors, the average person makes between 8000 and 10000 steps each day. If you play soccer, you definitely make steps. Both outdoor and indoor soccer fields require you to wear specific types of shoes; however, without the right socks, your feet may not be supported enough. The vigorous movements involved could have an impact on your feet. Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects many people, especially athletes.


When you continuously suffer from pain in your feet, any movement can be a nightmare and what is normal for most people can be terribly demanding for you. If you suffer from this life-altering condition, it is natural to try to find ways to make life easier. It does not mean that you should stop playing sports altogether. Like most people, work on choosing the right shoes and socks.


However, even with the right shoe, you may need to go to the custom sock lab to find the perfect socks that will help support your feet. There are many types of volleyball socks for plantar fasciitis on the market. Before choosing one to use, there are several things you should consider.


  1. Thickness


When choosing socks for plantar fasciitis, do not go for ones that are too thick. One may assume that thick socks will work by providing a cushioning. However, what they will do is make your shoes uncomfortable. You end up in more pain during your training or game. Your socks should be thin enough to ensure that you are flexible enough to move your feet. At the same time, they should be thick enough to provide you with an excellent shock-absorbent layer.


  1. Design


Today, people suffering from plantar fasciitis are in lack. Numerous technologies are included in their socks. These include compression sleeves, foot braces, and socks. You have to choose which one of these is best suited for your feet. Foot braces, for instance, give you appropriate support and still fit in your shoe. Some models are sold with your socks, so you get a good pair of socks with the needed pain relief benefits. These are great because if you buy fashionable pairs, you can wear them with your official and casual outfits.


  1. Cost


While many companies may claim to manufacture socks that support the plantar fasciitis muscle, only a few actually do that. Price is one factor that will tell you a good pair and a bad one. Companies that make their socks too cheap only tell you one thing; there are some critical design aspects they may have decided to forgo. This means that they may not serve the purpose you need them to achieve. The most expensive socks have the best level of support and comfort. This is not to mean that all good socks for plantar fasciitis are costly. Other reasonably priced socks offer adequate services too.


  1. Arches and Heels


The best socks for plantar fasciitis need to have arches and heels. These two features work together to ensure that the whole muscle is supported and the feet are comfortable, subsequently. They achieve this by aiding the pressure on the foot when standing, walking, or running is distributed throughout the sole, and thus the foot is relaxed. With the tension eased, you are more comfortable and able to do the things you have to do without pain.


  1. Compression Socks


Some compression socks provide overall compression, which is still a benefit because they keep your feet from swelling due to the vigorous movements of sports. However, some brands offer compression in certain zones. These zones are areas that need consistent and steady pressure to reduce pain. Mainly the regions that get compressions are the ankle and arch areas. These target compressions have been known to be perfect in reducing symptoms and increasing blood flow to affected areas.




When all else does not work, go to your physician and have your socks made for you. If your feet suffer from pronation, it is best to have your socks custom made so that they fit you perfectly. You do not have to stop playing your favorite sport because of the pain. The right socks can fix that right up.

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