Mokwheel, a startup company that specializes in producing rider-friendly intelligent e-bikes, has released a sturdy, flexible, and stylish electric bike: The Upland Plus. Perfect for both city commuting and mountain or trail biking, Mokwheel’s Upland Plus is affordable and comes with a wide variety of great features. Here, for your convenience, is a concise but complete review of the Mokwheel Upland Plus e-bike.

  • Raw power.The Upland Plus comes with a large 750W motor, a 48-volt battery, and a 22-amp controller. This means that you get plenty of power from this e-bike, making it one of the few bikes with a top speed of over 28 mph (30mph). The Upland Plus is cleverly built to deliver high-end power and speed without any uncomfortable jerkiness while riding.
  • Sturdy frame with a cargo rack. The Upland Plus is ideal for riders of all sizes, with a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. It comes with a heavy-duty rear cargo rack on the back of the bike.
  • 7-speed drive train and Shimano shifter. Changing gears while riding the Upland Plus is smooth and easy, and the shifter allows you to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable ride. There is a simple up and down button for PAS support with 5 pedal assist levels. The e-bike also comes with branded Mokwheel protectors that keep the chain from scratching the bike’s frame.
  • Suitable heights. The Upland Plus has a stand-over height of 31 inches making it ideal for anyone between 5 feet and 6 feet 4 inches tall.
  • Padded seat design. The ergonomically designed wide seat on the Upland Plus has extra cushioning, giving your bum perfect support and comfort for longer rides.
  • Premium handlebar features. The Upland Plus comes with an adjustable neck stem and curved handlebars. This helps riders with a shorter arm reach enjoy a comfortable ride. The handlebars have adjustable locking leather grips with a half-twist throttle and Shimano shifter. There are two separate buttons for the headlight and horn. A neat display screen shows your speed, miles traveled, and remaining battery. The odometer resets conveniently every time you turn off the bike.
  • Integrated rear taillight. These trendy-looking lights are visible both day and night and go on automatically every time you break.
  • Adjustable fork suspension. This comes with anti-theft adjustable lockouts. There are also preloads which can be set to adjust the initial compression of the internal spring in the fork. A bigger preload is best for heavier riders who prefer a stiffer ride.

16AH battery and 3 amp charger. This monster-sized battery allows you to go up to 45 miles per charge and can be fully charged in just 6 hours. The heavy battery can be cumbersome to remove, so you can also choose to charge the battery while it is still on the bike.

Mokwheel has put out an awesome first bike, showing they are a company that will be a strong contender in the market. The Mokwheel Upland Plus comes at a highly competitive and affordable at $1,699, a great price for an electric bike that’s safe and sturdy included with components like fenders and a rack. Be sure to check out the Mokwheel Upland Plus.

Image Soruce: Mokwheel (with permission)


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