We all loved playing outdoors when we were kids. This means you enjoyed the thrill of chasing and being chased around. In recent years, we’ve seen this trend changing for the worst. Nowadays, children spend all their time seated in front of a computer or a TV because of modern technology. For whatever reasons you have as a parent, you need to reduce your children’s screen time. They are probably missing out on suitable physical activities to help in their growth. Again, like children, the same case applies to adults. Playing outdoors has plenty of physical and mental benefits to your body. Studies show that outdoor activities can improve your mental health immensely. Since mother nature offers us outdoor activities for free, let’s focus on some notable health benefits you can derive from this.

1.   How About Some Vitamin D

Medical studies show that your blood cells and bones require plenty of phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin D for them to stay healthy. Playing with your kids or a loved one outdoors helps your body to absorb these minerals seamlessly. Even if you’re just looking out for them, sitting on the movable bleachers, you would still have the chance to get Vitamin D for yourself. However, if you’re playing out, we recommend checking these outdoor gear reviews so that you can enjoy the world of outdoor play with the appropriate gear. Medical professionals recommend getting 5-20 minutes of sun every day to give your body all the vitamin D it requires. There’s been a notable decline in Vitamin D levels in children and even the elderly in recent years. We should point out that a Vitamin D decrease in your body puts you at risk of contracting autoimmune diseases like heart disease and rickets in children.

2.   Burn those Calories!

Playing outdoors is better compared to doing the same activities indoors. But, this sounds counter-intuitive, you may say. How is it possible? Working out indoors where you have a controlled environment doesn’t supply the same stress to your body as outdoors. This is because outdoor temperatures vary, and again, the ever-changing terrain affects gait. For example, in the case of exercising, research has shown that road runners burn more calories than their counterparts who prefer using a treadmill in the gym. An outdoor environment has plenty of wind resistance, which makes even playing outdoors better.

3.   Refines your Mental and Memory Health

Outdoor sports boosts your mental health significantly. Ideally, you have a fantastic view, cool air, and a great environment than being in your home or gym. Compared to indoor spaces where you have flat surfaces and evenly-positioned seats, the outdoor experience is different. You get to experience valleys, hills, forests, and rough terrain paths. This has the benefit of giving you a mild effect.

Additionally, it improves your alertness and focus levels, which benefit your mental health significantly. Research shows that activities like nature walking can help with memory retention. We recommend taking daily walks in a park or your local forest. To enhance the experience, ensure safety with banners mesh fence.

4.   Lowers Stress Levels and Improves Sleep

Research has shown that exercising often leads to lower stress levels. If you stay in shape, this can help with symptoms of depression. Outdoor activities and fresh air can help lower anxiety and increase serotonin levels. Additionally, exercising during the day leads to improved sleep at night. In return, this leads to enhanced concentration and a boost in energy the following day. Medical professionals recommend at least 30-minute exercise daily, preferably in the morning when your body is still fresh. Sometimes, gym workouts aren’t always as productive as being outdoors. We recommend trying a new recreational sport or even take your workout sessions outdoors for increased stamina and fresh air.

5.   Personality Growth and Increased Attention Span in Kids

Playing outdoors can help to improve your child’s personality. Ideally, they learn to be self-reliant and independent. They learn vital skills that will help them deal with emergencies or setbacks, among other skills. With these skills, it ingrains confidence in them, which allows them to tackle life situations in the future. Additionally, playing outdoors will do magic to improve the attention span of your young one. It refines your child’s observational, reasoning, and concentration skills and especially those with ADHD. You and your kids can play a strategic game using guns with gel pellets, this will encourage your kids to strategize and enjoy at the same time.

6.   Increased Creativity

In the case of children, their education goes far beyond what they learn at school. Generally, the best learning comes from the environment where they live and play. As a parent, we recommend that you engage in playful outdoor activities with your children. This allows them to visualize more things happening in their lives. It inspires them to become innovative and create something on their own. You can also enroll your kids in gymnastic classes to further help them build connections and at the same time build their physique.

The benefits of outdoor activities in your life cannot be overlooked. As an adult, you likely spend many hours sitting facing a computer under artificial lights. Since we live in a fast-paced world, many people today prefer spending their time scrolling through social media endlessly. In your best interest, kindly avoid this harmful behavior. Get off the sofa and explore what mother nature has to offer.

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