For several years running, experts in various fields expressed a great deal of concern about the increasingly sedentary lifestyles of Americans. People were spending less time outdoors with each passing year. Instead, they were staying cooped up indoors, getting very little fresh air and exercise.

As such, many of those people were suffering from weight gain and muscle deterioration as well as the numerous negative effects of indoor air pollution. At the same time, anxiety and depression were skyrocketing. Science has proven that lack of sunshine and fresh air and overexposure to television and the internet can certainly take a toll on people’s mental and emotional well-being.

A Reversal of Events

Reports show that the previous uptick in indoor life has taken an unexpected turn these days. People are, both literally and figuratively, sick of being inside all the time. They’re trending back toward enjoying the great outdoors. People are now going camping, planning fishing expeditions, hiking, biking, swimming, and taking part in an array of other outdoor activities far more than they have in recent years. Of course, many are also finding new ways to make the most of their own back yard’s thanks in part to companies like

Taking Your Back Yard to a New Level

People are taking their back yards to new heights in many ways. Some are having in-ground swimming pools from custom pool builders in Austin TX, swim spas, and hot tubs installed. Others are having decks added onto their homes or building patios to ramp up their outdoor spaces. The demand for outdoor kitchens is also growing by leaps and bounds. Those who are adding outdoor kitchens to their homes can enjoy a long list of potential benefits.

Improved Physical Health

Most people probably don’t consider cooking outside and dining on the patio to be forms of physical activity. Of course, that’s a subjective point. Just venturing outside for a couple of hours can provide an array of positive effects. Spending time in the sun gives your family a healthy dose of vitamin D. This is one of the essential elements our bodies can’t produce enough of on their own. Taking supplements and soaking up the sunshine are the only ways to get more of it.

Vitamin D alone provides numerous health benefits, but that’s only the beginning. Spending time outside also leads to lower blood pressure and improves immunity. At the same time, you tend to move around more when you’re cooking and dining outside than you do inside even if it’s not immediately obvious.

Giving You a Mental and Emotional Boost

Spending time outdoors also offers several mental and emotional advantages. Studies show that outdoor activities can greatly reduce stress. Considering the constantly growing stressors we’re being bombarded by these days, who couldn’t benefit from that?

Additionally, being outdoors can help improve cognitive function and mental clarity. Research indicates that outdoor time can also reduce the risk of anxiety and depression for people of all ages. Having an outdoor kitchen can sharpen your focus while improving your family’s moods. Since you’re spending time together, your bonds are bound to grow stronger as well.

Makes Cooking More Fun

Whether you love to cook or simply do it because it has to be done, having an outdoor kitchen brings an extra element of fun and excitement to the mix. You have more room to move around outside while you’re forging through the meal preparation routine. Besides, getting those meals ready is often more interesting when you’re flitting around your beautifully designed outdoor kitchen with a frozen margarita at your fingertips. Somehow, shuffling around an indoor kitchen with a glass of wine just doesn’t measure up.

Unrivaled Freedom and Versatility

Though it’s certainly possible to entertain guests indoors, there are certain drawbacks to doing so. For one, everyone is crowded into your house. Secondly, you’re generally trapped in the kitchen missing out on all the excitement while everyone else mingles elsewhere.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can take the party out into the open. Everyone is free to move around, and you’ll be right there with your guests even while you’re preparing the food. On top of that, it’s not always possible to grill meats and smoke veggies in your traditional kitchen, but both are entirely possible when you’re cooking outside. It’ll bring an endless array of flair to your mealtime repertoire.

Adds Value to Your Home

All other benefits aside, we can’t overlook the monetary value an outdoor kitchen can provide. Virtually any home improvement project can enhance the value of your home as long as it’s carried out in the right way. Outdoor features are in particularly high demand right now, though, and that’s not likely to change any time soon.

Patios, extended porches, pools, fountains, and other features can boost your home’s value, but outdoor kitchens go above and beyond in this regard. Homes equipped with outdoor kitchens are more likely to sell at or above their asking price. Outdoor kitchens are also known to provide anywhere from a 100 to 200 percent return on investment.

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Having an outdoor kitchen can increase your home’s value from a financial perspective, but that’s only the beginning. All the extra time your family will spend outside cooking and enjoying meals together will generate numerous physical and emotional benefits. Taking advantage of your outdoor kitchen will make a world of difference in not only your lifestyle but how much you enjoy mealtime. It’ll also give you an entirely new level of versatility when it comes to meal ideas and preparation options.

Keep in mind that there’s really no right or wrong way to create your outdoor kitchen. You can have it equipped with as few or as many features as you’d like. It can include all the amenities your indoor kitchen offers, such as a refrigerator and freezer, a gas or electric stove, an oven, and a full sink for cleanup. You can have all the counter space you need as well. Don’t forget about all the possible features you can’t take advantage of indoors, like a smoker and gas or charcoal grill or a combination unit. Add a nice outdoor dining space to the mix and the possibilities are endless.

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