Addiction, whatever form it may be, alcohol, substance, gambling, etc, will not bring anyone any good especially if it is already affecting your life and family negatively. Being sober is hard, and staying sober is harder.

Tips On Staying Sober

Why would you stay on your addiction if you know that it is already affecting your family? People have many reasons why they are having a hard time keeping themselves away from their addiction. Some people see it as a way for them to release stress while others see it as something that can make them happy.

There are many institutions giving help to people who want to get rid of their old habits. Counselling can help them realize how their addiction is affecting their lives and family. True that the counselling pace can help them a lot but it is staying sober even without anyone looking at them can be the most challenging part.

Moving on, below are some of the tips to consider to stay sober:

  • Know the triggers

The triggers can be place, people, situations, things or anything else related to the substance or why he/she started to use the substance. The triggers should be avoided. Going to places where he/she can get the supply should never be visited, or going out with people he/she usually go with while taking the substance should be avoided.

If you really like slots, perhaps in an unhealthy way then going to sites like probably won’t help where people can see a lot of slot games, so that should be blocked on your phone. If the person fails to acknowledge the triggers and still put themselves in a situation where they will be exposed to it, staying sober is very hard to achieve.

  • Check out for the warning signs

Do you feel the urge of playing, drinking or using drugs? If you notice yourself looking and finding ways to use the substance or going out of your way to visit a gambling facility, these could be warning signs. You have to be always aware and keep your guards always up.

If after you recognize the warning signs, you still cannot resist the temptation or urge of going back to your old ways, getting help from the professionals is highly recommended. It is understandable, resisting temptation is hard so if you cannot stop yourself from doing so, ask help from someone who can support you.

  • Practice a healthy living

Occupy yourself with things like sports, hobbies, exercising and good food. These activities will make you occupied and help you learn the value of life. You can see huge improvement in your body hence motivating you to work even more to improve yourself.

  • Build strong and healthy relationships

Surround your family with people you love and who will support you to surpass the biggest challenge in your life. There is no one else who can help you but the people who are genuinely willing to help and aim to make your life better. They will not let you down, so make sure that you are surrounded by their love and care.

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