Trying to help someone with drug addiction is a long, painful and challenging process. Unlike people with physical health conditions, such as cancer, drug addiction cases are quite different. The difference is because the addict may not recognize the true dangers of their condition. When helping a family member with this condition, it’s important to note that they are responsible for the recovery. The first step to recovery is having the addict admit that he or she has an addictive disorder. Additionally, he or she must be willing to address the addiction. In this piece, we shall go ahead and explain how you can help a family member heal from substance abuse.

1.   Watch how you talk to them

Starting a conversation with an addicted family member is often challenging. As mentioned earlier, most of these individuals don’t understand the dangers of their addiction. Therefore, when initiating a conversation regarding their situation, you should ensure that you do so wisely. In this case, a one-on-one conversation is recommended as opposed to staging an intervention with several people. Therefore, you should find a time when you are both alone together and away from distractions to have the talk. When having the conversation, try to show that you are concerned about their situation and listen to their thoughts. Don’t be judgmental, and avoid raising your voice even when you feel angry. By practicing this, you will be surprised at how they will positively respond, which is the key to starting the recovery journey.

2.   Ask for Intervention

There are situations where a family member may fall victim to drug abuse out of the family’s pressure. Trying to help such individuals may prove difficult as they may not be willing to give you a listening ear. You should not give up on them. The best move should be to seek outside intervention. If needed, be, talk to an advisor from a residential drug rehab about the situation and have them secure an appointment with your affected family member. Rehab specialists (and rehabs in Kentucky)are well-versed in the field and know how to handle such cases irrespective of the victim’s situation. Also, you can involve friends and family members in the recovery process. Remember, an addict only needs to be assured of love and care. Having close family members and friends assures them that the people around mind about their situation, and that’s a perfect way to jumpstart the recovery journey.

3.   Encourage family Workouts

Working out as a family is fun. At the same time, the activity helps ensure a healthy family in the long run. When dealing with an addicted family member, it’s advisable to introduce working out together as a family. Exercising is perfect for addicts. First, it helps fight stress and depression, which we mentioned are the leading causes of addiction. The exercises help addicts view life from a different angle, which is the secret to recovery. Besides, exercising as a family boosts bonding and love and hence a smooth recovery journey. Therefore, you should introduce a workout schedule or consider outdoor exercises, such as hiking or fishing. Going for outdoor activities is extra fun and at the same time helpful for the addict as he or she will be left yearning for the next activity.

4.   Stop Funding their Addiction

A family member may be undergoing substance abuse. But, did you know that you could be the one funding their bad habits? If a family member is undergoing addiction, the best way to get started is to stop funding their bad habits. If one is struggling with alcohol, avoid stocking alcohol in your house as this may fuel their drinking. If it’s about money, insist that you buy items they need instead of giving them money. Giving them money may tempt them to go drinking behind your back. When denying them money, ensure that you explain to them that you are doing that to help fight the addiction. If done wrongly, they may end up hating on you as it may appear to them that you hate them and aren’t willing to support whatever they might be going through.

The number of individuals struggling with addiction is on the rise. Dealing with a family member undergoing this journey is often a challenge. Most of them are in denial. You may check prescription drug abuse statistics to know if some prescribed medicines are causing their addiction. However, if you decide to follow up on their recovery like a pro, the chances of success are high. Listed in this article are proven methods you can implement to achieve better results. Read through the piece to understand how you can utilize each technique without hurting the person you care about.

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