So, you have a horse or two and you are thinking of introducing certain supplements to their diet in order boost their health and improve their well-being? Good for you! That’s exactly what great equine owners have to think about when they want to take perfect care of their animals. Animals need this type of care.

When you open up any horses supplement guide, you will come across one particular supplement that will definitely grab your attention. I’m talking about CBD oil. It will grab your attention particularly because it is a product made from cannabis and who wouldn’t be interested in hearing more about cannabis-related products that are given to animals? It does sound pretty strange, doesn’t it?

Yet, it’s not strange at all. There is a lot more to cannabis than you think. Let’s be honest here. Your first thought is that cannabis is a psychoactive plant and that it has no place in the world of horses or any other animals, am I right? Well, if that’s what you are thinking, you are definitely and utterly wrong and let me tell you why.

The substance that makes cannabis psychoactive is called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and it is only one out of over a hundred compounds found in this plant. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, is a completely non-psychoactive substance. Since CBD oil is made from Cannabidiol, this is not something to worry about at all, because the chances of getting high on Cannabidiol are non-existent.

This is definitely an important piece of information, but it probably isn’t enough to make you decide whether you want to start giving this supplement to your equines or not. After all, what good does it do you that something isn’t harmful if you don’t know whether it is useful? That’s what we are here to find out, so that you can finally make that decision.

First, here’s more info about Cannabidiol:

CBD Oil Effects On Horses

In order to figure out whether this product is actually useful for equines, we will, naturally, have to look into the actual effects that CBD oil will have on these animals. After we have cleared the air and made it perfectly obvious that psychoactive effects are not part of the equation, it’s time to take a look at those effects that are part of it. Let’s get started.

Pain Management

One of the biggest reasons why CBD oil is so popular both in the world of humans and animals lies in the fact that Cannabidiol has proved to be a perfect pain management compound. It can reduce and eliminate various types of pains, which is especially useful for horses suffering from arthritis. We all know that arthritis causes a lot of pain in the animal’s joints and if there is a way to alleviate those pains, I am sure you will jump right on board.

Arthritic pain, however, is not the only type of pain that this supplement can help treat. Horses are rather sensitive, even though they might not look that way. Their gastrointestinal tract is an especially sensitive spot and any pain in that area can lead to huge issues. CBD oil also has a huge impact on alleviating those stomach aches that, as you can see here, can be a sign of serious health problems.

Energy Boost

All animals can sometimes experience a lack of energy. The problem starts when you notice them lacking energy all the time or at some crucial moments. If you introduce CBD oil to their daily diet, your horses definitely won’t experience any issues like these, since Cannabidiol is the perfect product for boosting their energy levels.

Anxiety Relief

Unsurprisingly, these sensitive creatures are rather susceptible to anxiety disorders. Once again, if you want to prevent them from developing these issues, you should definitely introduce CBD to their daily routine. Cannabidiol is known for its soothing properties that can alleviate anxiety.

The Bottom Line

If you take a close look at some of the benefits that come with CBD oil, you will be able to make your own conclusion regarding the usefulness of this supplement for horses. If you ask me, it’s more than useful. It might actually be necessary.


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