Migraine headaches are excruciating, and it can intervene with your daily routine. If over the counter drugs do not help you treat migraines, then medicinal marijuana can be a good solution. Researchers have shown that cannabis can help treat migraines and also prevent them sometimes. If you are a resident of Alabama, then with a medical marijuana card, you can buy cannabis legally. But before that, you need to find out how to apply for an Alabama medical marijuana card.

Now, let us find out how CBD and medicinal marijuana can help us to treat acute migraines.


How does medical marijuana help?

Our brains consist of a network of cannabinoid receptors. These are like tiny loops of protein which control how we feel pain. Marijuana consists of some cannabinoids. When you consume it, the cannabinoids go inside your body and search for the receptors. On reaching the receptors, the cannabinoids change the way they work by reducing the pain signals. Cannabinoids can also help in treating various other health problems.

Marijuana mainly consists of two compounds, CBD and THC. The high that you feel after consuming marijuana is because of THC. So if you do not like the buzz feeling, that consuming marijuana offers, you can opt for CBD oils. Using it, you will be able to get relief from the pain without feeling any high. It is due to this reason that CBD oils have gained a lot of popularity lately.


Medicinal marijuana and migraines

Several studies have been conducted to see if medical marijuana can treat migraines or not. It was observed that patients had positive feedback about this. They said that marijuana has helped them cure the pain to a great extent, and sometimes consume it even to prevent the condition. Many patients own a MMJ card in order to have a legal access to the medicine as well as this card offers them several other benefits, you can learn more about it on www.onlinemedicalcard.com.

Further observations reveal that smoking and vaping the product had an instant and better effect for relieving the patients from pain rather than consuming the edibles. It is important to be able to control the quantity of cannabis intake. Short-term usage under a doctor’s supervision will not cause any harm to your body. Remember that dosage is extremely important for relieving health conditions. In case you find that the given quantity is not working for you, then consult a doctor, and they will suggest the right dosage.



It is important to remember that there are some legal issues associated with the consumption of cannabis. Each state and country has its laws about this product, and you should always oblige to that. Research and get full information about the legality of using this product, then only start using it. Marijuana and CBD is indeed a great solution if you want help with your migraine problems. They also work exceptionally well to treat anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, and many other issues. If over the counter medications cannot fix your migraine issues, then talk to your doctor about this option.


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