Over the years, the use of weed and its products has drastically changed. Unlike before, when it was all about chasing the high, today, there’s a lot more to it. For example, CBD oil can now be used to help alleviate pain and help you relax.

This is only one of the marijuana or hemp products changing the face of this long misunderstood market. But how effective is CBD oil in helping with pain and relaxation? To know more, you need to read on; you will even find some of the pains that it can help with.

CBD Oil for Pain

The National Centers did some research for Complementary and Integrative Health suggesting that CBD can be used for chronic pains. You will need to, however, be extra careful if you are going to use it for pain relief.

The FDA has yet to approve it as a safe or effective drug for treating pain. It would help if you used it with caution. The research is still ongoing to finally fill the loopholes in this model of chronic pain treatment.

As of now, according to the research, below are some of the pains that CBD can help with;

●      Arthritis

This is one of the hardest conditions to manage as there’s constant inflammation and pain. According to the European Journal of Pain in 2016, there have been some reports that CBD oil could be used to manage arthritis pain.

The research was done on rats, and within four days, there was a drop in pain and inflammation. The good thing that also came out was there were no side effects that came with it. Human studies of the same are inconclusive, though.

●      Neuropathic pain

When you suffer damage to your nerves – there are several reasons for this; it can cause pain. Some of the reasons why neuropathic pains can happen are infections and injuries such as herniated discs and multiple sclerosis.

In 2017, a review found out that CBD oil can help ease chronic neuropathy pains. The research was done for over 1219 patients, and it features around 11 randomized controlled trials. However, this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as the risk factor and ideal doses are yet to be determined.

●      Chronic Pains

There are several types of chronic pains in the world today. Most of it can be relieved with CBD products, as has been seen by the above ideas. A study by the Journal of Experimental Medicine supports the idea of the use of CBD for pain.

According to the same study, CBD can also be used to help reduce inflammation. The research also found out that you will need to up the dose over time. This is because, when using CBD for pain relief, you will build a tolerance to the effects over time.

●      Multiple Sclerosis

This is an autoimmune disease that will affect the whole body by affecting the brain and the nerves. A specific report discovered that the use of quality CBD oil products could help ease the pain. The most common type of MS is muscle spasms; this is when you are in constant pain.

Help You Relax

You can also use CBD to help you relax and ease off anxiety. Using CBD can also help you deal with depression which can help you to relax too. Over the years, depression and anxiety weren’t talked about as much, but the conversation has changed today.

People are today more open to talking about depression, and the use of CBD is undoubtedly coming out as a game-changer. According to WHO, depression is the most significant contributor to disability worldwide, and anxiety ranks sixth. It shows you will be better relaxed.

Initially, treatment of these states was left for pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs, though, came with various side effects, and several people would opt for them. The significant side effects associated with the drugs were insomnia, sexual dysfunction, agitation, headaches, etc.

CBD is fast coming up as one of the best drugs you can use to ease these conditions without the added baggage of side effects. Research found out that the use of 300-mg does would be most effective to deal with anxiety.

It can also be used to ease the effects of PTSD.

CBD products have come a long way and can be used for various issues today. If you are looking to deal with pain and relax, you need to consider it an option. Research, though inconclusive, shows very good signs that CBD can be used to deal with pain and anxiety.

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