Choosing a dental product distributor is essential, especially when you, as a medical company, want to order medical supplies and equipment with less hassle. There are tons of dental product distributors out there which is why you need to spend a lot of time choosing the right one that is fit for your company. 

Don’t worry, to lessen your hassle for looking, here are some recommendations for the top 5 dental product distributors on the web. First on the list is a 2-in-1 company, and we highly recommend it if you plan on selecting a dental inventory software and a dental product distributor at the same time.


Known as a cloud-based eCommerce and dental inventory management, Sowingo can efficiently purchase dental supplies, track inventories, and monitor supply levels for you or for your company. Monitor inventory control levels to only purchase supplies you need while reducing unnecessary spending. You can optimize your dental practice efficiency by pairing the Sowingo Marketplace with a robust Inventory System and Control features. A sample of one of their marketplace is named ODA supply hub.

ODA Supply Hub, a centralized marketplace powered by Sowingo, offers a broad selection of dental supplies from reliable and authorized manufacturers. ODA supply hub can also personalize the tracking that allows you to monitor your savings. There is no software download or installation required.

2. Dentist2Dentist Supply Co 

This dental supply distributor offers quality supplies and equipment at an affordable price. They are efficient at delivering supplies and are easy to reach. Simply browse their inventory online, and they will be of your service. They have a low overhead, which is the reason why they keep their prices at a competitive level. Dentist2Dentist Supply Co is owned and operated by veterans dedicated to their work, which is why the quality of their supplies is guaranteed. The equipment is also safe to use, and the services can help anyone in need.

3. CuratedDental

CuratedDental offers a variety of high-quality products that are ready to be curated to consumers worldwide. Their products were made with natural ingredients that are found only in nature. Their products are alcohol, gluten, and fluoride-free. They are also nature-friendly, so their products are meant to reduce plastic waste and preserve mother earth.

They can mail the products directly to the buyers with the assurance of high quality and natural medicines. They use technologies to provide easy access to consumers. Product selections are also made easy through browsing their website.

4. Sterngold Dental

Stenrngold is a union of two strong dental companies, APM-Sterngold and ImplaMed. They have been providing reliable and high-quality products since 1987. Also, they have been credited for their impressive reputation in restorative dentistry. They are also known as the go-to brand for a cheaper yet reliable alternative on dental products. Sterngold’s Implants have been commended by different dentists and orthodontists across the globe. 

Their customer support is also highly responsive, providing you full information about their products if you have more questions. They can also ship internationally, and their customer service support can assist you during the process. Despite being affordable, their products are effective and reliable, plus you got to credit their customer support for providing excellent service. 

5. Richmond Premium Dental and Medical

Initially, Dr. Albert Richmond founded the company as Richmond Dental Cotton Company in 1895. Since the company specializes in manufacturing over-the-top quality dental staples, they’ve been known to be the go-to brand for cotton pellets and cotton balls. As the company expanded, they partnered with Barnhardt Manufacturing Company. 

The partnership had become an opportunity for the company to produce purified cotton dental products. Their specialty products, such as Richmond Braided cotton rolls, pounded and header rolls, and sponges, were made from both companies’ merged expertise. These products utilized purified cotton that brings absorbency and comfort to another level. To date, they are continuously manufacturing their own products and have supplied to larger enterprises in both industrial and medical fields.

Oral health also matters, but unfortunately, this is an area that is most often ignored. Although it leads to severe ailments and bothersome toothaches, people are still reluctant to keep their oral health in check. With that, let’s help people learn more about dental health benefits and its importance. The distribution will then come afterward. Remember, health is wealth!

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