If you are thinking about getting eyelash extensions, there are many different styles that you can choose from. The variety of eyelash extension styles can be quite confusing. When you are deciding about the salon or the spa where you will have your extensions done, you must consider the shape of the eyes.

Knowing about the basics of the shape of the eyes

There most recognized eye shape categories are as follows

  1. Almond.
  2. Oval and
  3. Round shaped.

However, a wide range of categories varies depending on minor differences like size, traits, closeness, and eye angle. You need to understand the precisions involved in it for making the difference. You might know, but you may belong to multiple categories rather than one. Your eyes can be a combination of upturned, round or close-set eyes which eventually falls under different types. However, this may also be extremely rare.

Almond eye shape is extremely popular. Hence, various makeup looks are focused on achieving the same look. They focus on multiple parts of the eyes and contour them to achieve the look. Choosing the right makeup technique can play an essential role in achieving the almond-like eye shape.

How to style the extensions?

You need to follow proper guidelines while styling the lashes for yourself or your clients.

  1. Take a close look at the shape of the customer’s eyes

When it is about styling, then the shape of the eyes is the most important part. If your customer’s eyes are upward, you should opt for something like a kitty eye or a cat-eye. Here the lashes tend to grow longer towards the end.

On the other hand, if the customer has an almond-shaped eye, anything will go on her. It will be better to opt for something where the lashes can be more round. This means that the eyelashes will be round in the middle. On the other hand, if the customer for whom you are extending the eyelashes has drooping eyes, it is a good option to opt for dark lashes in the middle of the eyes to look more open.

It is also a good option to take a closer look at the natural lash, and you should follow the natural growth of the lashes, this is what experts like Paris Lash Academy are doing. But that does not mean that you will have to stick to the style, but there should be one reason why the eyelashes are growing in that way. So simply trying to make this eyelash longer in the middle will be a good idea. If your customers know what they want, then they should know what they want.

  1. Make sure that you keep the eyelashes healthy

If you want your business to do well as a lash artist, it is important to ensure that the customer’s eyelashes are nice and healthy at all times. You are an expert. So you know what will keep the eyelashes of your customer healthy. Therefore, make sure that you make the correct recommendations. Make sure that you give more weight than the natural eyelashes will be able to handle.

If your client has very thick, long, and natural lashes, then you will be able to give them very long eyelash extensions. But if your customers’ eyelashes are thin and not strong, you should ensure that you should not give them something too heavy.

  1. Make sure that you ask the clients the right questions

At the time of consultation, if you ask your clients the right questions, it will be easier for your clients to make the correct decisions regarding the length and thickness you can give them. Try to find out if these eyelash extensions are just a one-time event or will the customer continue to upkeep this in the weeks to come. You would not want your customer to get something from you that they would want to remove.

  1. Understand the lifestyle of the client

If your customer has a very active lifestyle, make sure that you do not give them something that is hugely extravagant or too heavy. This is because these lashes’ duration will not be as long as you want them to be. If they are working in an office, they might want long eyelashes, something that will attract people’s attention.

On the other hand, if your customer wants eyelashes that should be similar to the mascara, then you should provide them with something natural. Furthermore, if your customer is a makeup artist, you might want to give him many extensions.


It is also important to find out the kind of look you want your eyelashes to have. It is a good idea to rely on your cosmetologist because they will have a better idea about the type of eyelash extensions that will suit your eyes’ shape. Make sure that you select the right Lash extensions kit from Lashify for yourself or your customers.

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