When opting to use false eyelashes, most people focus on putting them on without considering removing them. However, when this is not done properly, it can cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

Most false eyelashes are glued on using a special adhesive. While these products are not meant to be harmful to humans, they should be used with caution. Like any glue, they contain chemicals that make them sticky. Not following instructions when removing the glue could harm your natural lashes.

Here are the best ways to remove eyelash glue safely:

Less is more

To avoid having a significant glue problem when removing false eyelashes, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you should use the adhesive sparingly. It might take some experimentation to determine how much adhesive is enough and how to clear eyelash glue safely. Most eyelash brands, such as Trish McEvoy, Sweed, and Lilac St., recommend an eyelash glue or supply one with their products. The Lilac St. lash extensions create a natural look in three styles: original, feather, and volume. Using an applicator helps users minimize their glue usage, thereby reducing the task of removing the adhesive afterward.

New users might need to experiment with how much adhesive to use. Too much glue leaves an unsightly line that makes the fake lash application look clumsy. By the same token, insufficient adhesive leads to lashes peeling off. You might not get it exactly right on your first attempt, but practice makes perfect.

Solvent eyelash glue remover

Manufacturers have special products designed to dissolve eyelash adhesive, allowing for its removal. These products come in liquid form and are applied to the remaining glue using a cotton ball or Q-tip. They work much like nail polish remover. However, like nail polish remover, eyelash glue remover products contain harsh chemicals that break down the glue’s adhesive properties. Among the substances manufacturers use to make their remover is glycol ether, which could irritate the eyes and surrounding skin.

Most experienced false eyelash users do not recommend trying eyelash glue remover without following the directions, watching online tutorials, or turning to a professional aesthetician to have it done. Check the ingredients of any eyelash glue remover products and choose one that contains the least harmful chemicals.

Cream eyelash glue remover

DIY false lash users find cream eyelash glue removers effective and easy to use. These products are much safer for home use and unlikely to cause any adverse reactions. The cream’s lotion-like consistency means it is applied with ease and renders quick results.

Cream eyelash glue remover also contains solvents that could lead to irritation for those with sensitive eyes or skin. Apply it sparingly to avoid exposure of the eyelids and lash line to these chemicals.

Oil-based eyelash glue removers

If you have researched false eyelash glue, you know that oil breaks down its adhesive properties. Therefore, you should not use any oil-based makeup, facewash, or moisturizer anywhere near your eyelids. If you do, your false eyelashes will start peeling off before they should.

When you are ready to remove your lashes, an oil-based remover will get the job done. These removers contain more natural ingredients than chemical solvents, making them safer for home use. Olive oil and coconut oil work well when removing excess eyelash glue. However, you cannot allow oil-based products to touch your false eyelashes as it will prevent the glue from working the next time you want to apply the lashes. These products are recommended if you have carefully peeled your fake lashes off or intend to dispose of them after removal.

What to avoid

Whichever method of eyelash glue removal you choose, there are some things you should avoid doing. Do not attempt to peel eyelash glue off your eyelids, as it could rip your natural lashes out. You cannot use any fake lash products until giving your natural eyelashes a chance to recover, which might take a considerable time.

The skin around your eyes is among the most sensitive on your body. Applying chemicals to it or treating it roughly by rubbing and scrubbing could cause permanent damage. Always moisturize the skin around your eyes after using an eyelash glue remover.

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