Cel MD Beauty and Health Products are made from plant stem cells, which are said to solve some of the problems that cause hair loss. Moreover, evidence exists that the Cel ingredients prove versatile because the main ingredients are found across most of their products.


Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner


The Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner contain plant-based ingredients that are said to combat hair loss. Specifically, saw palmetto is meant to prohibit excess testosterone from turning into the hormone DTH, which is a major cause of hair loss. Next, Ginsing is commonly known for facilitating hair cell growth. Moreover, Biotin supposedly contributes to cell repair, and Glycerin moisturizes hair.


Microstem Hair Stimulation Formula


Like the other Cel products, it’s said to address hormonal problems. A major benefit of Cel hair products lies in the proteins that halt the production of DTH. A majority of people, who leave reviews, point to tangible and aesthetically-pleasing results from using the Cel MD products. However, it’s reasonable to consider that the positive results have a direct correlation to the underlying proteins within the ingredients.


As a substitute for a hair transplant, it’s a viable option. It may take time to see the results of hair growth from the Stimulation Formula. However, the reason to prefer the Microstem formula is that It does not require any surgical pain or anesthesia.


Microstem Hair Thickening Mask


The Microstem Mask is distinct from the other Cel products in that it manages frizz. The full list of ingredients includes argan oil. Therefore, fatty acids likely play a role in the Microstem Mask, preventing damage. While several reviews point to thicker hair, the contributing factor to overall improvement relates to the coalescing stem ingredients. In particular, ginseng is meant to affect hair follicles.


While it may seem enticing to order from Amazon, for the sake of order tracking, Cel incentivizes 15 percent off by signing on to a subscription for monthly refills. There are also promotions on the website, including free hand wash and discounts. Therefore, it may prove cheaper to order directly from the site.


SPF 30 Moisturizer


For people with skin conditions exacerbated by sunlight and chemicals in products, it’s necessary to use an SPF 30 that doubles as a moisturizer. Some people have Rosacea, which is inflammation around the eyes. Cel uses the ingredient Blood Orange, which addresses inflammation. The ingredients in the Cel SPF 30 Moisture product make it preventative. For example, a person would use moisturizing sunscreen to prevent sun exposure that would make Rosacea symptoms worse. Without SPF 30 moisturizer, a person would likely have to pay to see an optometrist for worsening Rosacea symptoms. Furthermore, the optometrist would write a prescription for antibiotics that can have negative side effects.


It’s not uncommon to sweat out the sunscreen because it’s not water-resistant. However, some people with skin problems would rather reapply the SPF 30 Moisture, for the sake of reducing inflammation and redness, rather than use a water-resistant brand that will cause symptoms.


People who struggle with acne generally look to use moisturizing SPF and avoid using mainstream sunscreen. Since it’s hypoallergenic, the SPF 30 Moisturizer is fairly unlikely to cause reactions. The majority of the reviews online speak to its compatibility with sensitive skin.


Skin Moisturizer and Hydrating Lip Balm


As is the case with the SPF 30 Moisturizer, reviews speak highly of the dual functionality of the product. The moisturizer does not seem to outweigh the lip balm and vice versa. Jasmine extract is supposedly the ingredient to credit for reducing inflammation.


Complete Collagen Powder with MCT


The consensus amongst people who left reviews online is the Complete Collagen Powder does not have a noticeable taste, which Cel also states on its website. Therefore, it compounds well with any drink. This product is distinct from other Cel MD products because it contains MCT, which is Medium-Chain Triglyceride. MCT is known to positively affect cognitive performance. Not unlike the Skin Moisture and Hydrating Lip Balm, this product has dual functionality.


Cel MD’s stem cell ingredients prove adaptable since the products range from hair care to skincare. While it is difficult to review a product with long-term effects in a short period of time, other reviews seem to be saying Cel’s hair products have real benefits.


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