When looking at skincare, it is important to take a wholly holistic approach to it. This means using your skin as a visual indicator of what is happening within your body and for your overall health. There is no quick fix to be had when it comes to looking after your skin – it requires a process of continuous support and so should be seen as a long term investment. 

The power of prevention has led some people to look at biohacking and imagine a world of advanced technologies where people could eventually be able to print off their own skin. By embracing the latest scientific methods and techniques, people will stop using products that are not suitable for their skin types or skin condition. 

Stop wasting money

Spending your income on a plethora of skincare products can be a complete waste of time if you are not, at the same time, also protecting your skin from blue light and the sun. This is something that many people do out of sheer lack of information. It is because of this that consumers fall for the many spurious claims that skincare products make in the name of science. Most of the time, the science does not back up the claims of the products. One way of combating this is by becoming educated on how simple lifestyle choices can and do impact the quality of your skin. 

Prevention is better than cure

Your approach to looking after your skin should focus on preventing conditions from appearing in the first place. However, this goes much deeper than just taking care of your skin – it also requires you to consider your sleep patterns, gut health, stress levels, diet, and intake of micronutrients. Keeping clear of direct sunlight is also a good preventative measure to take when it comes to preventing certain skin conditions. Any sort of inflammation that occurs on the skin will not only weaken its structure but it will also degrade the elastin and collagen within it. 

The idea of having flawless skin is something that is simply unrealistic and so should never be something that you aim for. However, that is not to say that you cannot improve the overall health and appearance of your skin even when it seems like, on the surface, everything about it is OK.

The idea of prevention is something that will gain pace as we head into the future, but will go down to focus more at the cellular level. This will likely take the form of using trackers to monitor sleep depth and your sleep patterns in order to best reduce inflammation – something that we already learnt is bad for the structure of the skin. It could even be the case that 3D printers are used to print out and deposit sheets of skin. Although this sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, this is already being done to treat burns victims and help them recover much faster than what they do at present. 

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