When you suffer from hair loss, you likely look in the mirror and wish that you could find some way of regaining the head of hair that you once had. It can result in a lack of confidence in your personal appearance as well as the hopeless feeling that there is nothing that can be done about your hair loss troubles.

The issue with hair loss is that there are a variety of reasons why someone might be experiencing the loss of hair. From a genetic condition to other medical reasons, the causes of hair loss are many. It is important to seek the right medical counsel to discover the true cause behind your own hair loss before you attempt any treatments or procedures.

If you are looking to discover the causes behind your own hair loss, here are three of the more common reasons for hair loss.

1. Genetics

For many people who suffer from hair loss, the main culprit is genetics. This is because hair loss can be passed down from your parents or grandparents. This is typically manifested in a condition referred to as pattern baldness. You might find that your hairline is starting to recede drastically or that you are losing patches of hair starting at the crown of your head or another spot.

Hair transplant treatments can be a good solution to genetic pattern baldness for many cases of hair loss. There are various procedures that tend to be minimally invasive and highly effective. You should always consult a reliable hair transplant expert so that you can find the procedure that is right for you. There is a lot of information on the topic of hair transplants at hshairclinic.co.uk.

2. Nutrition Deficiency

While there are multiple medical and genetic conditions that can result in hair loss, there are also some causes that come down to lifestyle choices. For instance, your body will be unable to produce the right amount and quality of hair follicles if you have a vitamin or nutrition deficiency in some way.

Hair follicles require some key nutrients in order to grow properly. Among these are protein, iron, and zinc. Hair is mostly comprised of protein, so if you aren’t consuming enough then your hair won’t be able to grow at the proper rate. Iron and zinc also play major roles in hair growth and retention. If you detect faster than normal hair loss, you should start by looking at your diet.

3. Stress

The hormonal balance that your body maintains also plays a critical role in hair loss. Unfortunately, one thing that can contribute to a hormonal imbalance in your body is stress. If you suffer from anxiety or stress and have been experiencing hair loss, then you might need to seek medical advice and treatment to help you to manage your stress. If you are able to find ways of managing your stress and bringing down your anxiety levels, your hair should be able to return to normal.


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