Leading a healthier lifestyle often takes time and dedication before it becomes second nature. As our schedules continue to grow more hectic and juggling responsibilities takes up more of our free time, healthy eating can sometimes fall off our list of priorities.

Carving out time in the day to ensure we’re giving our bodies the highest quality nutrition will only benefit the future versions of ourselves. Understanding the right foods and beverages to enjoy, which bad habits to cut out, and how to embrace something previously seen as unconventional — such as adding CBD oil from a trusted source such as OlliBrands — can drastically change your outlook on your current lifestyle.

Embrace Antioxidants

You may have heard the word antioxidant surrounding conversations about food and healthy eating, but maybe you’re not quite sure what they are. According to Harvard University, antioxidants is a general term referring to any compound that can neutralize unstable molecules that can damage your DNA. While the term is meant to categorize antioxidants as a clinical term, there are foods that can help supply additional compounds to your body.

This professional dentist in Leominster also adds that antioxidants are also beneficial to your dental health. Antioxidants reduce plaque build-up, prevent gum diseases, and improve collagen synthesis.

Certain fruits such as cherries, red grapes, and oranges contain a fair amount of antioxidants — adding these items to your snacks or smoothies is an easy and delicious way to get the nutrients you need. There’s a reason why parents are always telling their kids to eat their vegetables, especially their greens. Spinach, kale, and broccoli are just a few antioxidant-rich foods with a long list of benefits.

Drinking — Not Spilling — the Tea

Speaking of antioxidants, they can easily be found in your beverages. Millions around the world are tea drinkers, but we often don’t know all of the ways this hot beverage benefits our health and wellness. White tea and green tea contain a number of antioxidants which help prevent our body’s version of rust. Drinking tea has been continuously studied for its therapeutic qualities — green tea is especially beneficial for its bioactive compounds which can reduce stress, alleviate inflammation, and soothe the digestive system.

Adding CBD to Your Tea

If you’re looking to add something extra to your routine, CBD-infused tea is becoming increasingly popular with the recreational CBD consumer-base. The oil is extracted from the cannabis plant without the psychoactive effects found from the THC portion of the plant. Its therapeutic elements have been known to reduce chronic pain and inflammation, and help lessen anxiety.

Combining CBD and your favorite tea could help your body in more ways than you realize. Its nonintoxicating qualities combined with soothing teas such as peppermint, chamomile, and green tea can help reduce any gut pain or inflammation in the body. CBD-infused teas such as Sweet Chamomile Herbal Tea or Rich Vanilla Black Tea It can even help manage anxiety and lower blood pressure — creating an anti-inflammatory defense line and improving your overall mood.

What to Avoid

Working towards a healthier lifestyle takes time and patience, especially when it feels like there’s a new trend appearing every day on our social media feeds. Simply knowing which foods to avoid will help you make better choices when it comes to your daily meals. Processed foods often contain the highest sugar and trans fat content, combined with artificial flavoring.

A good rule to follow is if it has a long shelf-life, it’s probably on the other side of the health scale. Sticking with nutrient-rich foods and beverages (such as Huaraches food) — products that require refrigeration or can be hand-picked from plants or gardens — will provide your body with the energy and supplements it needs in order for healthy eating to become a more permanent part of your life.


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