This is a video of New Yorker and performance artist Bettina Banayan icing a cake on the subway. Then she shares it with her fellow passengers. Pretty much the most pleasant subway rider ever. As a rule, I have a severe aversion to performance art. It’s because of that one video of all the hipsters sitting indian style on the floor of an apartment, watching a woman cut a hole in the crotch of her pants so she can pee in a can of SpaghettiOs. What a f***ing waste of SpaghettiOs! Plus everyone’s time who had to sit and watch that mess! After that, I told myself: NO MOAR WATCHING PERFORMANCE ART. But between this cake sharing and the lady dancing on butter to Adele, I might be open to reconsidering that stance. Cake definitely would not hurt the cause.

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Via: Thrillist


  1. Justin Ward

    Not very “incredible”. What would be incredible, however, is if she were to actually bake that cake on the bus. Easy-Bake Oven-style 😉

  2. Ivy

    It is kind of her. That’s the “Incredible” thing. It is hard to find kindness in the world these days.

  3. Stephanie

    What a lovely thing to do, sharing a treat and a smile with strangers, and her comments were really nice, too.

  4. Izumi Shikibu

    I once accidentally left my purse on the NYC subway & someone picked it up, came running down the platform after me to give it back. I don’t live there, but not too far, and every time I’m there I’m always struck how much NYers really do look out for each other, even as they go around in their own private worlds~ Too bad not everyone plays nice.

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