Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal has joined forces with the bacon lovers at J&D’s to bring us Sriracha Rooster Sauce Popcorn. It’s really a wonder why I never came up with this, considering I totally invented putting Sriracha on popcorn. But that should go without saying considering I put Sriracha on everything. This is really inspiring me to start manufacturing my other Sriracha combos, like Sriracha Ice Cream, Sriracha Tequila, Sriracha Twinkies, Sriracha Cat Food — what? Yeah, I put Sriracha on my catfood. Nooooo, not for my cats. For me! Uh, just because it’s called cat food doesn’t mean it’s only for cats. So, I guess you’d say hot dogs are for dogs? Chicken salad — just for chickens, huh? Oh and a shrimp cocktail is some kinda alcoholic beverage for crustaceans. Right? WRONG. I rest my case!

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