Just because you don’t do keg stands and down shots like you did in your early 20s anymore, that doesn’t means you can’t still party. Sure, you might play the music at a slightly more reasonable volume and your hair is cut neatly above your ears these days, but you can still rock out to AC/DC and have a few drinks. And speaking of maturing with age and AC/DC, the heavy metal band from down under has just released their own collection of wine. Each bottle features classic cover art and rocks a name based on the band’s songs, including Back in Black Shiraz, Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon, Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc and You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato.

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  1. Mauro

    I want one just like that..

  2. Jennifer

    I’ve tried em all, they’re in all the liquor stores where I live, in Australia

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