A wine dispenser is a machine that preserves wine and prevents it from spoiling. The machine does this by preventing the entry of oxygen which oxidizes the wine destroying it. The wine dispenser is covered by a layer of inert gases that keep oxygen away. Another advantage of a wine dispenser is that it improves the revenue of your business because less wine goes to waste and it pours accurate amounts of wine. The cost of buying wine in bulk is less than buying wine in bottles and therefore you make more profits as you reduce the operational costs.

Your customers will also have a unique experience at your restaurant when you have a wine dispenser. This is because the machine allows them to have fun as they experiment with different types of wine and they are likely to buy more wine as compared to when the wine is served with bottles. A wine dispenser also provides sustainability because it reduces environmental pollution. Fewer wine bottles and bottle corks are disposed of to the environment when using a wine dispenser and therefore you can have an eco-friendly business when you invest in a wine dispenser. Given below are some of the factors that you should consider when investing in a wine dispenser.

1.   The capacity of the Wine Dispenser

When choosing a wine dispenser, it is important to consider its capacity. The capacity of the wine dispenser that you buy depends on the size of your restaurant and the number of customers that you serve. If you only run a small restaurant, you can choose a small wine dispenser with a capacity of about one or two wine bottles.

However, if you have a big restaurant with many customers, you can get a bigger wine dispenser with a capacity of four or more water bottles. The capacity of the wine bottle that you buy for your restaurant also depends on whether you have future plans of expansion. It’s wiser to get a wine dispenser with a larger capacity if you plan on expanding your restaurant in the coming days. The space that you have to store the wine dispenser also determines the size of a wine dispenser that you get.

2.   Features of the Wine Dispenser

Some of the factors to look for in a wine dispenser include wine aeration, convenience to the customer, and temperature control. Wine aeration is an important factor to have in mind when buying a wine dispenser. To have good quality red wine, that has original and true flavor and that which is ready to drink, it is important to invest in a wine dispenser that has an aeration function. A wine dispenser that allows the customers to self pour is a good investment. A good wine dispenser has a cooler for the wine, meaning that, not only would you still drink quality red wine, but also you would have a great experience while doing so.

3.   The Longevity of the Wine Dispenser

It is also important to invest in a wine dispenser that will serve you for a long duration. You can learn about the longevity of the wine dispenser that you care about by checking the reviews from the manufacturer’s site. Confirm whether the wine dispenser commonly malfunctions and some of the defects that some people have noticed with the wine dispenser. It is wise to invest in a wine dispenser that will serve you for a long duration without malfunctioning.

4.   Cost of the Wine Dispenser

The wine dispenser that you invest in depends on the budget that you are working with. Your budget will determine the type of dispenser that you can afford. If you want to get a large and stylish wine dispenser, you may require more money than the amount you need for a small and simple wine dispenser.

5.   Quality of the Wine Dispenser

It is important to invest in a wine dispenser of high quality. Avoid compromising quality for cost because you may end up spending much more money on repairs and maintenance of the machine. To establish the quality of a wine dispenser, you can read the online reviews of people who have bought the same machine in the past. This can then help you to decide if the machine is worth investing in.

In summary, a wine dispenser is a smart investment for your restaurant. The machine helps to preserve your wine and makes it easy to serve the wine. You can boost your wine sales by investing in a wine dispenser because customers can conveniently serve the wine and they can try out different wines. Some of the things to consider when buying a wine dispenser include the capacity that it can hold and the amount of space that you have for the dispenser. It is also important to consider the quality, cost, and longevity of the wine dispenser before committing to buying it.

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