This is a video titled Dog Wears Milk Pants to Feed Baby Goats. And that is exactly what it is. No surprises here! Unless you didn’t know that ‘milk pants’ was a thing, in which case, join the club — we’re looking for a new treasurer. The vid was posted by Youtuber 915NIGHTRIDER915, who explains: ‘Check him out! lolz’ So… not a lot of details as to WTF is going on here. What’s with the baby goats? Where is their mom? Oh no, please tell me she’s okay! What’s that dogs name? How is he so good at standing still while there is so much frolicking happening around him? Or is it a her? I need information! Jk jk, a sweet dog wearing bottles of milk while adorable baby goats prance around is really all the information I need. I ain’t hard to please! Hard to be around, sure, but definitely not hard to please.

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Via: Helablog

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