A few weeks ago we saw a Friday the 13th engagement shoot featuring the happy couple brutally murdered by Jason. Wheeeeee! Now an Austin, TX, couple has upped the morbid factor with this wedding cake made by Sideserf Cake Studio. It features their severed, bloodied noggins. Ooh, I call dibs on the ear piece! You know that part’s gonna have the most frosti– who am I kidding? Even typing those words made me gag a little, I can’t even pretend to want a bite of this mess. Now the open bar on the other hand, I’m all over that. Like literally. I’m gonna drink and drink and drink until I black out and here’s hoping I’ll wake up face down on the bar. Just like last time, right cousin Sue? Haha, she’s not talking to me anymore. In fact, that entire side of the family has basically blacklisted me. Even Gramma!

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Via: The Frisky


  1. Emily

    Seeing as this is someone’s hard work and livelihood, the writer of this article could’ve at least taken the time to find out the baker’s name, then linked the website or Facebook page. It’s professional courtesy, as well as copyright infringement to use images that don’t belong to you, without giving proper credit. Shame on you author…

  2. A.

    I can see why nobody invites you to weddings, you’re a douche.

    Link back. Give credit.

    Journalism 101.

  3. Foodiggity

    Yeah, Brittany… If you’re going to write about a cake with two bloody severed heads, at least take your journalism seriously. [doing ‘shame on you’ gesture]

  4. Honey

    Give Brittany a break people!!! At least she named the Bakery… do the research yourself. jeez