Youtuber Chris D posted this video of his thief of a kitten who stole a slice of pizza. And that cat is holding on to it for dear life. He refuses to let go of his precious za. Isn’t that beautiful? Just a little baby kitten, barely spent any time on this planet and he already knows what matters in life. Which is pizza, by the way. Pizza and beer.

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Via: Cubiclebot


  1. krelnick

    The douchebag hoisting him up by the scruff of the neck isn’t.

  2. Pony

    Most cats will freeze when you hold them like that. Of course he isn’t letting go. Stupid human.

  3. drsteve

    the person is not a d bag, Mother cats hold their kittens that way,,,it doesn’t bother them,,,Vets give cats shots by pulling on the scruff of the neck in that fashion in order not to hurt them

  4. mike

    clearly not many cat owners here.. holding a cat by the scruff is harmless, if anything they cat is more likely to go limp as a reflex..this helps the mother cat carry them around as they wont struggle.. and as any cat owner can tell you going for the pizza is not an option.
    so.. to explain the punchline in a way that kills all the funny: the cat clearly wants the pizza and is unwilling to let it go even though it has been caught by its human “parent”..

    you can now quit whining and go back to checking your facebook status

  5. rudabega

    kittens go limp when their mothers pull them up like that, but for adult cats it can be painful because they weigh so much more and pulling them up like that as adults is more a sign of aggression towards to cat. obviously the cat is behaving defensively and biting the first thing near it, the pizza. this video isn’t funny if you know all the facts, it’s just a stupid pet owner taking advantage of his animal.

  6. Ginandjoos

    Here we go with the idiotic, animal lovers who have NO KNOWLEDGE, crying foul over stupid shit.

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