Whether you are organising a family celebration or a corporate event, you want everything to be perfect; you certainly do not want to hear complaints from the attendees, or sense a poor atmosphere. You can either partner with an experienced planner or do it yourself, but if you put the right amount time and effort into organising the event, it will hopefully turn out the way you want. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when planning an event.

Not listing all the requirements

If you are trying to plan the event for someone else, you need to cater to that person’s need and tastes. You can certainly inject your own creativity into it, but you need to understand how much room your have for interpretation and executive decision making. Even if you think your ideas are fresh and fascinating, it might not feel the same way to the person who asked you to organise the event.

Choose the wrong venue

You need to make sure you always choose the best event venues for each situation. You also need to ensure that the place is accessible; make it easy for everyone to attend depending on their availability. Find a place that has a scenic view. If you are choosing an indoor space, you need to decorate it tastefully based on the theme of the event. Book the venue as early as possible and avoid changing the dates so that you don’t receive penalties. Where possible, visit the venue before you finalise the booking, as it might look excellent in photos, but disappointing in person.

Going beyond the budget

You need to know how much budget is available to pay for the event. If you are organising a corporate event, you will most likely receive a considerable budget. However, you still need to be cautious. Ask for estimates to make sure you are still within the budget set. You can also find package deals like a venue – like a venue that also provides catering services and will help with the logistical aspect of the event.

Skimping on catering

If there is one thing that you cannot skimp on, it’s the catering. Even if the party seems dull – if the food is excellent, you will not hear any complaints. You want all the attendees to go home feeling satisfied with what they ate, so provide variety and ensure that you have options for those who have dietary requirements.

Rushing things

As an organiser, you don’t want to rush things because you didn’t prepare well. Make sure that you reserve everything weeks in advance. You also need an alternative plan if things do not turn out as you expected.

You want everything to be perfect and by avoiding these mistakes, you can make sure you have the best event ever. Do not forget the goal of organising this event to stay motivated in pursuing it, even if you are already having a difficult time.

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