Gone are the days when people had to line up to get access to an exclusive event and the event planner had to work around the clock to manage participants and attendees.

More and more event planners are embracing online registration systems to ensure a smooth registration process for their attendees as well as themselves. It’s not just a better choice, it has become the need of the hour with the digitization we’re experiencing around us. 

Let’s take a deeper look at why online registration is so important for event planners.

The importance of online registration to event planners

Using the right technology has been shown to reduce costs by up to 30% and increase productivity. Online registration brings digitization to a manual process to make it convenient and efficient for both parties involved.

It’s quick, easy, and convenient, It saves you time and resources while providing a rewarding experience to the attendees. And it creates the foundation for better management of the entire event. Some key advantages of online registration for event planners are:

1. A quick, easy, and better option

An online registration system like Eventtia is simply a better option than manually registering participants for an event. It’s quick and convenient while saving you time and resources. By being a completely digitized operation, you can manage the data better as well.

Every piece of information entered by a participant is safely stored in your database. You can use this information to personalize their stay at the event, serve them better, and understand their behavior patterns.

Moreover, this information helps you segregate your participants better. You can group together age groups or preferences and treat them with rewarding experiences by collecting information during online registration.

2. Centralized data management

The event management software industry is currently valued at $28 billion, owing to the multitude of benefits it provides companies in hosting events with ease. Online registration gives you the added advantage of centralized data management.

This means that you collect the essential data in the first interaction with a participant. This information is securely stored and can be used when needed. You don’t have to scramble for a specific piece of information about an attendee, it’s already stored in an organized manner.

For example, if an attendee has a balance payment, you can send them a reminder email for the payment. The online registration platform will help you schedule the reminder about the payment and you can easily update it when you receive the payment.

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Similarly, you can filter out attendee lists based on whether they have made complete payments, partial payments, and no payments to communicate with them regarding the same. You can generate reports about the payments and share them with your team as well.

3. Foundation for better management of the event

89% of event managers say that events are critical to reaching key business objectives as a company. And online registration serves as a solid foundation for comprehensive and thorough management of the event to come.

For starters, it gives you the exact count of the people who have registered, who have RSVPed to the event, and who are not attending. You can make the arrangements for the venue based on the expected attendance.

Then, you gather information about the likes and dislikes of the attendees regarding their stay at the upcoming event. For example, if you’re planning on serving coconut-flavored drinks as refreshments at the event and an attendee informs you that they are allergic to coconut, you can serve them a different drink.

You save time and resources spent on unnecessary administrative tasks when you use online registration. These can be spent on bettering other aspects of your event, say, sponsor deals, catering, including more activities, etc.

4. An enriching experience for the attendees

Enrolling participants through an online registration system allows you to treat them with a rewarding experience. For starters, it stores all the relevant details about them to serve them better during the event.

Secondly, it helps you establish communication with your attendees. You can integrate email and social media into your online registration system to keep in touch with your attendees at all times. You can update them about last-minute changes or remind them about relevant details.

You also get the option to create pre-event or post-event surveys that help you gauge the experience your attendees are having with you. Use these survey results to improve their experience with you in the future.

5. Real-time statistics

Your online registration tool provides you with valuable insights in real time to help you adjust the course of your event for maximum success. You can get information such as how many participants have made the payment.

Use this information to track participants regarding their payments and send them reminders. Similarly, you can get statistics about the demographics of the attendees to serve them better. For example, dividing attendees into age groups to communicate with them accordingly.

You will get statistics such as email click rates and open rates to help you assess what kind of emails are the most successful with your target audience. Tweak your approach based on real-time statistics to communicate with your attendees better.

6. Marketing potential

Having online registration at your event has tremendous marketing potential. You can advertise your event with the fact that it’s extremely easy to register along with multiple registrations. This attracts a wider pool of people.

People who might not have considered joining the event would be more willing to do it when they see that it’s just a few clicks away. Moreover, you can entice them with the fact that you provide constant updates regarding the event. This ensures attendees that they will enjoy a hassle-free time at the event.

Online registration systems are an immensely valuable tool for event planners

They are quick, convenient, and easy to use. They help you store and organize information better and use it to provide a rewarding experience to your attendees.

Use them to set a solid foundation for your event. Make use of real-time statistics to tweak your approach and host stellar events that boost your company’s growth.

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