Christmas is a time for family, friends, and fun.

But it can also be a time to reflect on the past few years and plan for the future. Christmas ornaments are a great way to do that. Besides being festive and decorative, they can last for years.

Here are six attributes you should look out for when looking for long-lasting or durable Christmas ornaments.

  1. Buy Durable Christmas Ornaments

If you want your Christmas decorations to stand the test of time, start by buying durable items. You can get a wide array of these from reputable providers such as Steelers Christmas ornaments.

If you want your ornaments to last the test of time, get those that do not bend easily and do not scratch against tree branches. More often than not, metal and wood ornaments are usually more durable than ceramic and plastic ones.

  1. Quality Material

It is important to consider the material of the ornament. If you want long-lasting Christmas ornaments, choose a material that does not break easily. Some of the best and most durable materials include crystals, glass, and crystal, porcelain.

  1. Attractive and Beautiful

The next thing to look for when buying your Christmas ornaments is their design and shape. Just like with other things, it would be wise to consider both practicality and aesthetics when thinking about Christmas ornaments.

Close up of decorated Christmas tree with white and red seasonal tree ornaments like baubles and candy canes on red background

This also applies to the shape of the ornament. Some options include Santa ornaments, nativity scenes, and reindeer ornaments. There are plenty of choices to make your list complete.

  1. Get a Multi-Use Ornament

Another way to ensure your Christmas ornaments are durable is by getting ornaments that can serve more than one purpose.

Instead of buying an ornament that is only for displaying, get one that can also work as a gift tag or a note holder. This will make it easier to keep track of the other gifts you have bought and put in the wrapping.

  1. Size Matters

If the base diameter of your Christmas ornament is small, chances are, it will be weak. Big Christmas ornaments will be more durable because they are sturdy enough to hold at a Christmas party and thereafter.

However, if you want your Christmas tree decorations to last longer, get small ones suctioned on the tree and bolted down at the bases so they do not fall off easily.

  1. Cover them Up

If you want your Christmas decorations and ornaments to last longer, you need to protect them from the elements. Place some plastic over the tree before the holidays start so it will not be ruined by rain or wind.

You can also use a tarp under the tree or ground it out. This will help prevent dirt and moisture from getting inside the decorations and damaging them over time.


If you do everything possible to protect your own Christmas tree from the elements, you are more likely to get a longer-lasting decoration.

But it is impossible to guarantee that all decorations won’t be damaged by spoiling weather and insects. However, if you follow the simple tips above, you can ensure that most of them will last for several years.

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