Because what is Christmas without some skrawny white girl twerking all up on Santa’s cookie gut, Buzzfeed created these Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball cut outs to place atop all the ornaments. Gramma’s gonna love this. Jk, Gramma isn’t gonna understand WTF this is. And I envy her. Envy her for her DGAF attitude toward pop culture and envy her for her ability to throw the bombest tea party the senior center ever saw. They didn’t even know what hit them! Mainly ’cause Gramma spiked the Earl Grey. What can I say? Old lady knows how to throw a party.





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Via: Buzzfeed


  1. Rossi

    Abso-licking-lutely! Best thing ever.

  2. tef

    zajebiste hehehe

  3. Christine Her-Era

    It’s all over Instagram now, including mine! haha @starachristy

  4. Terror


  5. a

    I done it.