This is a video of I don’t know what. Pure WTF-ery? It’s not new, but it’s going viral on the web and I had to watch it so now you do too. Press play, watch in horror, and then hold me, I’m scared.

Thank you to Jason and my pal Joshua for sending in the tip. Just kidding, whatever the opposite of thank you is.

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Via: Unique Hunters


  1. troops79

    It’s Leslie Effing Hall, that’s WTF it is!

  2. lesliehallisawesome

    F’ Yeah, Leslie Hall!! This is how we do it and never make it stop (high kicks, high kicks)!!!!

  3. Scott Everson

    If you don’t know Leslie Hall, you haven’t lived. She *is* the embodiment of the internet and all makes it awesome. This is not WTF’ry but pure magic and your eyes have never been so lucky before.

  4. Antoine Washington

    i concur pure deliciousness
    and awesomeness

  5. LHRules

    Leslie Hall Rules!! You have all now been enlightened.