This is a video of Khursheed Hussain setting a world record for the fastest time to nose-type a 103 character piece of text. That’s right: nose-typing. Apparently the previous record holder was a person named Neeta who clocked 1 minute and 33 seconds. Khursheed? He did it in 47.44 seconds. Dayum! I think? Seriously though, clearly the Guinness Book of World Records will hand out awards for anything at this point. Fastest Nose-Typer? Congratulations! Break the most concrete blocks while holding a raw egg? Here’s a trophy. Pull the heaviest weight with your eye sockets? You’re famous! Possess the largest collection of belly button lint? You need help!! Dip the most amount of salsa on a single tortilla chip? Why is this not a category? I would totally win — I can dunk like no one else.

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Via: Laughing Squid


  1. l0l

    Why does the girl look so unimpressed?

  2. Captain Kickass

    I think the people in the chairs are Khursheed’s embarrassed family members.