We already know quite well how cats and monkeys get along. Why no one will let me get a monkey is completely beyond me. Sure, monkeys throw poop but our cats do that butt drag on the carpet thing so really, they’re all gross. But they’re also very very cute so it’s okay. (Plus, I’m not the one who has to clean it.) If you also aren’t allowed to get a pet monkey for your cat, you can check out this video featuring a baby monkey and some kittens munching on some chips. Youtuber Stephen Dixon came across these hungry little dudes while he was hiking in northern Thailand. The monkey’s name is Joe and you can tell he’s a little trouble maker by the way he puts chips on a cat’s head. Of course he has yet to learn that cats really don’t give a eff about what you put on them—especially when there’s food around.

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Via: Hello Giggles