This is the 12 Days Of Christmas performed by clips from Frasier, one of the greatest shows of our time. I love Frasier in a bad way. It’s always on my mind as evidenced by this TRUE STORY: last week I was at a baby shower and I took a Snapchat of my pal in which she yelled out “Baby shower!” and I said “Did you just say Frasier?” because, again, this show is always on my mind and that is what I heard. She kind of cringed and was all “Um no, I said baby shower” and it was by far the worst Snap I have ever sent. Yes, I still sent it because FRASIER.

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  1. MW

    That was VERY creative. it must have taken an amazingly long time to locate each clip. Hats off to you for your super project. (They probably have an app for locating all of those desired clips…I don’t know. Technology today is wonderful.)